Friday, April 3, 2009

new trick

hey look what i can do!

my night was nice and quiet. i wish i'd thought to take some photos at the book party last night - it took place in jeffrey, a really beautiful and completely out-of-my-price-range boutique in the meat packing district. had a couple of drinks, ate rum-injected bundt cake, furtively caressed dresses that cost more than i make in 6 months. afterwards headed to grab sushi with a girl from class and then, miraculously, found myself home and in bed before 11 pm. glory.

also!! found fleet foxes/blitzen trapper tickets for when i'm in portland next weekend. can't wait. the album was probably my top-played last year and i bet it'll be divine live.

new york is cold, rainy, and disgusting today, and i am TIRED of it. my legs long to be bare in a bright sun. but, alas, this morning i once again donned a pair of tights and trudged to the office.

shirt/dress: anthropologie
skirt: american apparel
tights: HUE
booties: alice & olivia for payless, ebayed

i guess that's all for now. if this rain keeps up i may use it as an excuse to skip home after work instead of going out; but i often think that to myself, and yet i always find myself dancing at a brooklyn bar at 2 am, holding a beer.

have a lovely weekend, everyone -

xo audrey


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