Tuesday, April 7, 2009

the scrilla

i think it's only barely visible in this photo, but so many of my shirts are riddled with tiny holes right around the belly button. does this happen to anyone else? i guess rubbing against belt buckles/pants buttons wears them out, but damn. how annoying. fortunately i am not one who cares about things like holes, and if anyone points them out i'll just say it's part of the look.

last night we had our final exam in petit fours, and everyone did really well. a couple of things didn't turn out quite as well as i'd like (the white chocolate ganache never really set up, and the s'more macaroons were a little meringue-heavy, so they were on the crunchy side) but everything tasted delicious and looked beautiful, if i do say so myself.

tonight i have a meeting after work in the lower east side; before then, i am hoping the line to get into topshop has died down and i can steal in for a look around. fingers crossed.

sweater jacket: vintage from bushwick thrift shop
shirt: anthropologie
belt: vintage, mom's
tights: bebaroque
bloomers: mary meyer
shoes: DSW
necklace: ebay

work has been quiet lately, to say the least, so i'll probably post more later.

xo audrey