Tuesday, April 28, 2009

workin' on my night cheese

so, last night, after a long class of chocolate-tempering (an extremely messy and frustrating process) during which i somehow managed to fall asleep (falling asleep in a large lecture hall is one thing, but falling asleep in a kitchen is blaringly obvious and extremely embarrassing) i headed home on the JMZ. i'd spoken to my friend vanessa earlier in the night but a couple of texts went unreturned and i took it as a blessing that i could just go home and get some rest. i stepped off the JMZ and wandered in to a small family-style mexican restaurant and ordered a ham and cheese sandwich, and sat and waited as i listed to the soothing voice of scott carrier on the most recent episode of this american life. suddenly my iphone (iphone!!) started vibrating wildly; i'd received a barrage of texts from vanessa, sounding in need of a rescue. "piano les. need u now." "please come save me." etc. i asked if she needed me to come scoop her and got a "yes." so i briskly gathered my sandwich, put my chocolate cake in a plastic bag and hiked back to the JMZ, anxiously looking down the track and hoping she would be okay until i got there. i got off at delancey and hustled towards the bar (with the aid of my handy GPS!) and into the bar, where she was nowhere to be found. my heart dropped. i call. no answer. i receive a text: "upstairs." i run up the stairs to find a very happily drunk vanessa karaoking (read: butchering [i love you spramps!]) kanye west's gold digger. i bought a $4 pbr (scandal,) square danced around the floor with vanessa for a bit, then helped her into a cab and back to her apartment not 20 minutes after i'd come. i slept like a baby on her air mattress, though, and believe me, i am not complaining: i welcome any excuse to be able thumb through her rack of designer dresses and take my pick. it had to be a quick one this morning, and i think the cut isn't quite right for me, but i looove the pattern on this dress, and the light silk feels so good in this still-new manhattan sunshine.

dress: from my beauty in brooklyn, nunispramp
huraches: etsy
belt: also vanessa's
hair: getting more and more awkward

i am contemplating a trip to chicago this weekend. i had been anyway, and then i checked my bank account this morning (peeking through the cracks of my fingers to soften the blow that i was sure was coming after the decadence of this weekend) and was delighted to find that my extremely generous tax refund came through this morning! thanks, mr. president! delta has round-trip flights for $140, so there's really no excuse not to. . . get ready chicago. . . i think hurricane audrey is going to hit this weekend.

hope everyone else's day is as filled with sunshine as mine,

xo audrey


  1. love the 30 Rock reference! i lol'd.

  2. This dress is simply gorgeous. Period.

  3. i love nights like those..
    when something completely unexpected happens.

    ps. you can wear that shape!
    it looks cute on you.

  4. i really love ur style!!!!!!!
    love more than words.


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