Tuesday, April 21, 2009


so, i don't usually do, like, "high fashion" posts, because i am pretty much illiterate about that stuff and it isn't really what i'm into most of the time, but my sweater (see below) came today and i decided to find out a little bit about the company that makes it (because it is BEAUTIFUL and perfect and i can't wait to wear it.) they are a french company who are named for a bird that resides in a region in southern france, which explains some of the bird themes that run through their summer collection. anyway, not all of the summer collection was for me; it was very heavy on prints and i tend to gravitate toward bold colors and textures, but i thought a few of the ensembles were quite lovely.

i LOVE the pattern in the lace in the dress above, and i have found myself looking at a lot more white recently - maybe because it's the only color that gives allows me to give the (false) impression that i am anything other than white, white, white.

i'm off for the night, have a lovely evening, everyone!

xo audrey

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  1. all the shoes are lovely! i especially like the first look with the yellow skirt and teal shoes. adorable. love the lace dress too. glad you found the sweater on sale at gilt. they had some great stuff :)