Monday, April 20, 2009


total monday fail. i woke up at 10:15 to the sound of my cell phone ringing; it was my boss, i panicked and tried to answer but accidentally hung up on her, jumped out of bed, threw on a bunch of navy and grabbed a car service into work. i compromised my cleanliness by brushing my teeth rather than showering and mascara'ing with my right hand while brushing with my left. i got to work and threw open my coat to discover that my shirt had somehow popped a button in the car on the way over and the entire office was now being given a show that few ever have the privilege of seeing. so. i changed into a dingy tank top i've had balled up under my desk, threw my hair in a ponytail, and there will be no broom-closet photos today.

however!! i have been very bad the last few days. gilt was having their final-sale insane-o deal craziness thursday and friday, and i bought not one, but two things. i think one may come today. i really hope so, because after this weekend when i probably spent a grand total of 12 hours at my apartment (and nearly all of those sleeping) i still haven't done laundry, and the situation is getting dire.

this was probably the most classically "new york" weekend i've had in a long, long time. it helped that the weather was absolutely gorgeous for most of it. i closed two bars, friday and saturday nights, did some flea market shopping, ate two brunches, drank entirely too much, danced at various venues, wore lots of sequins, and met a bunch of wonderful, fun girls. epic. but i guess that awesomeness had to be balanced out by something, thus my nightmare of a morning.

anyway! i only have a photo of one of the gilted items, but it is something that has been posted on the site a few times, but was always just too expensive; this time, on final sale, it was just barely affordable and i decided that since i've been staring at it longingly for so long, i could go without dinner a couple of nights so i could get it.

beautiful angora sweater. . . i just hope it comes in time for me to wear it before it's gorgeous every day.

anyway. i'm a mess and i need to get down to business. happy monday, everyone, i promise i'll be in better shape tomorrow!

xo audrey


  1. the curse of the monday morning!
    and that top looks v.cute

  2. Cute sweater! and yea. Monday, really really sucks. I barely made it to class yesterday. but I hope you get to wear it soon too, although it would also be great digging it out next winter and being like "oh look, SOMETHING NEWWW!" haha =)

  3. I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..