Friday, September 26, 2008

rainy day

dress: american apparel
sweater: etsy
tights: mom's
shoes: †hrifted in chicago

i am tired again. a weed hangover, i suspect. combined with the chill in the air and the rain on the ground it makes me very tired indeed. but happy friday! i have to get some energy up so that i can do this tonight.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

ridiculous night

leads to non-ridiculous outfits. sorry. i do love this sweater though. really, i guess the only person i should be apologizing to is myself.

shirt (underneath. you can't really see it.): gap, like 6 years ago
sweater: bought it from a girl at renegade last year. wish i could remember who she was.
pants: american apparel, skinnied by moi
necklace: erica weiner
shoes (not pictured): payless
bedhead: combination of 8 drinks and passing out in my clothes at 11 pm

happy thursday!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

gibson girl

dress: actually a skirt i got as a birthday present in like 8th grade. from express.
headband: CVS
necklace: erica weiner,
shoes: dsw

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

joan halloway

i have brought this skirt in about 3 times to keep it pencil thin. the problem with these american apparel jersey skirts is that they just stretch right out as you walk in them. i am starting to wonder what i ever did without a sewing machine.

the girl on the coffee shop complimented my gloves. she said they were very chic. i want another pair in grey. will scour etsy today.

i have decided to embroider this on an old 60s jacket i thrifted awhile ago:

i wanted this so bad when it was at anthropologie, and it even went on sale but sold out before i could get one. so i'll do it myself, by gum!

sweater: thrifted from renegade
brooch: mom's old costume jewelry
necklace: gift from rachel
skirt: american apparel
shoes: payless

shitty morning. not feeling very chatty. enjoy your tuesday, everyone. . . i think i have a packed bowl and sex and the city awaiting me after work today. i hope so.

Monday, September 22, 2008


so. i had a mean, mean hangover yesterday and slept until 3 pm and then decided to do some sewing so that my day wasn't a complete waste. i ended up altering two pairs of pants to make them really skinny. they are great pants and were expensive (by my standards anyhow) but have just been sitting on my bookshelf for months because they just don't really fit my wardrobe anymore. so i made them skinny. and so can you!

first i try them on. i get a feel for how much skinnier they need to be. i try to match the skinniness of the leg to the skinniness of the top; in other words, if they jeans are a little loose on me, the leg needs to be a little lose or they'll end up looking like riding pants. i just eyeball it, generally. boot cut pants are usually tight enough in the thigh that they only need to be taken in to the knee; wide leg pants are a trickier task and need to be taken in all the way to the crotch if they don't fit tightly in the thigh.

so. turn the pants inside out. figure out how much they need to be taken in at the ankle, keeping in mind that you have to be able to get your foot through them. the stitching should look something like this:

i then try them on to make sure the fit is right. i do one leg first and then match it up against the other one that i am about to sew, to make sure that at least the ankle will be the same width, and the just do my best to match the gradual tapering of of the stitches from there. one could certainly be more careful about this. you could put the pants on inside-out to start with and then put pins in them so you know how you want them to fit. i am just too impatient for this kind of thing and so far it's worked out well.

the pair of adriana goldschmied jeans i turned into short and skinny yesterday (i should have taken a before picture, but they were about 4 inches too long for me and very bootcutted. i took them in several inches to the knee) turned out like this:

no super fun outfit today. i woke up late. but i did get my harmonica necklace! i'm in love!

xo aud

Friday, September 19, 2008

they came!


the ayes have it, i bought the harmonica necklace. the girl lives in new york so hopefully i get it soon.

in other exciting news, i won a voiceover job for downy!!! a nice little bit of good luck. this means i'll get a nice check the day of the recording (next week) AND residuals for every time the commercial airs. it could turn out to be a pretty penny. thus me rewarding myself with a necklace.

this morning was only 57! fall is coming/here? so i wore a vintage wool dress i bought in a boutique in chicago. it's a bit short so i usually wear leggings underneath it; today i decided that black tights would do, and that in keeping with the 60's theme i'd wear thigh highs with a garter belt. the dress is long enough that you don't really see the garters unless you catch me sitting down with my legs crossed, and my legs are covered by a desk all day long so i think i'm safe. it's just kind of fun to know that it's under there.

without further ado:

altered vintage wool dress: una mae's freak boutique in chicago. really cute updated vintage stuff, not crazy expensive. 1422 n milwaukee
thigh highs/garter belt: victoria's secret
brown and black wing tips: etsy'd

going to a party tonight and i have a pretty killer outfit planned for that one. i'll try to get photos.

happy friday! and happy autumn!

xo audrey

Thursday, September 18, 2008

if you had to choose between


which would you choose?

eli & me

a new favorite today. i wore this outfit over the weekend in chicago and got my picture taken, so i have higher quality photos than usual.

i forgot that a key part of wardrobe remixing is to list where you got everything, so i'll do that starting. . . now!


dress: boutique store in greenpoint, can't remember the name
shirt: vintage, off etsy
shoes: payless a year or so ago
belt: salvation army on bedford
tights: were my mom's

i have been admiring this girl's photostream for a long time: this absolutely flawless girl from helsinki. if i could inherit anyone's wardrobe it would be hers.

her wardrobe remix can be viewed at piksi

that's all from me today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

seeking scott schuman

one of the blogs i check every morning in my daily nytimes/gawker/postfamily rundown is the sartorialist. most of you have probably heard of it, but if not, he is a guy who has worked in the fashion industry for a long time and now wanders around new york taking photos of stylish people. i found this on someone's blog and thought, how embarassing, i feel the same way.

this morning, for example, i wore something that i never would have thought of because i was inspired by a photo on the sartorialist.

my version:

shoes: etsy
shorts: akira
v-neck shirt: american apparel
suit jacket: calvin klein, bought on clearance yeeears ago

the shoes are really amazing. i wish there was a decent way for me to do a head to toe shot. but until i figure that out, that's all i got.

happy wednesday! i'll be at the beauty bar from about 9 pm onward if anyone in the city cares to join.

xo audrey

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

basket of kisses

i'm starting this wardrobe remix blog because i feel weird posting photos of myself in my regular blog. there is an inherent vanity to posting photos of yourself anywhere, but i take time and pride in the outfits i wear (most days at least) and i want a way to keep track of them, if only so that the next time i wake up with ten minutes to get ready i have a library of good outfits saved on here.

the title of the blog comes from a quote from mad men. i have started watching the show and i really enjoy the story - i really like the characters, i think it's well acted and almost every episode leaves me craving another - but what really keeps me stuck to the television are the costumes. the show is set in the early 1960's and every outfit worn (by the main character's wife, betty, in particular) are vintage and detailed and absolutely stunning.

so i am making a conscious effort to seek out vintage clothing and shoes and dress in this sort of style, albeit for much less money and a bit modernized by necessity. the only camera i have is the camera built into my work imac, so i'll have to curl myself up and do some color correcting every time. . . but until i can do better, here it goes. outfit number one.

dress: thrifted in chicago this past weekend
belt: thrifted from salvation army on bedford
shoes: payless
necklace: used to be my mom's

more to come. i got lots of new things this weekend so this week should be a good one. i also bought these on etsy today, hopefully they come within the week:

too bad, they would have really made the outfit today.

xo audrey