Friday, April 17, 2009

i woke up this morning with the sun right in my eyes

i slept away from home again last night, but this time i was prepared. i got this dress in portland at a little boutique on sale; it's a bit muted for my usual taste, but i really like the cut and shape of it and color can always be added in after the fact.

one sad thing happened in portland: i was wearing one of the bow enclosures from my devotte shoes as part of a necklace while we were walking around the saturday market, and i looked down and it was gone. so now i only have one bow for these beautiful shoes. i decided not to let myself get too upset about something so silly, so i'm going to try to contact the shoe makers, and if they can't send me any more i'll just buy some shoe clips off etsy. [shrug] shit happens.

vanessa's apartment is so sunny in the morning, which is an amazing change since my bedroom in williamsburg is completely windowless and kind of feels like a dungeon at 7:30 in the morning. inspired by the sunshine, i stretched, woke up a bit early, and decided to make an effort with the hair and makeup today for a change.

dress: esley
headband: tie from my dressing gown
socks: american apparel
shoes: devotte purr
brooch: shoe clip

tonight: class, as per usual, then going outttt. what and where tbd. this weekend i plan on spending some quality time with my bathing suit, my roof, and my freckles.

and a quick note to the commenters on the last few posts - thank you so much for all the kind words! ktklemons, my tattoo says "sucre," it means sugar in french (since i'm a french pastry student and all that jazz.) have a lovely weekend, all!

xo audrey


  1. Lol-very cool
    and thanks for the shout-out!
    it made my day:)
    also, you should get some really fun bow clips for your shoes!

  2. I particularly love the shoes and socks. I'm too old for that look but on you it is fabulous

  3. My gosh, this is a wonderful outfit! I love the socks with those shoes. Sorry about losing your bow! That totally sucks and I hope you'll be able to find a nice replacement!

    Also, I think the first picture of you is gorgeous.

  4. adding the bow to your blouse was a great accent, really pulls the outfit together.