Monday, June 29, 2009

i want you, i want you so bad. . .

so, i am not much of a label-chaser, and i hadn't heard of this brand until taking an illicit peek at forwardforward's sale section; but oh my jesus, i want these things. any of them. all of them. anyone want to donate about $300? i'll pay the difference.

all of it is by stevej & yonip and available for sale on forwardforward. i wear a size small, and i hope i've mentioned recently how much i love you.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

oh yeah

so i have been bad at taking photos of outfits (soon to come i promise) but i have taken a few photos of food i've been making here and there. whenever sam's in town i step into my betty crocker apron and get my cook on, and here are a couple of things i busied myself with this week:

spinach and goat cheese ravioli, later served in a sage brown butter sauce with toasted almonds.

egg, baked on top of sheets of puff pastry with fresh parmesan-reggiano cheese, pancetta, tomatoes, and salt and pepper.

xo audrey


hi folks,

sorry i've been bad about posting over the last few days. not only have i been busy with sam, but i'm also moving to a different part of brooklyn this weekend, so i've been packing and sorting in preparation. today i begin the joy of trying to find a mover and selling all my furniture. i still have stuff to sell, and i'm uncovering clothes i forgot i had, so once i'm back up and running, it should be better than ever!

i am going to try to make it to the weardrobe meetup on tuesday night, so if any of you are in the NYC area you should come out!!

much love,

xo audrey

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

two for the price of one

hello! i have been a bad blogger, and i'm sorry. i did take a photo or two this weekend so i have a couple of things to post today, but i have been so blissed out with sam in town i haven't been able to pull myself away long enough to post. he's working in the city for now, so here's a quick recap of the weekend etc.

saturday: brunch, salon, sold some vintage clothes to a sweet girl at old hollywood, beers at the rabbit hole, dinner at roebling, cocktails at a friend's hotel.

sunday: sam! we brunch at aurora (any place with a fried oyster sandwich wins major points from me,) meet a friend at jack's for a fantastic cup of coffee, pop in to the john barlett pop-up shop to say hello to another friend and buy sam some shorts, get sam some flip flops, peep this cool shit, then head back to our hotel to relax for a bit and catch a movie, then rush so's not to be late to dinner, which was delicious. a couple quick drinks before hitting the hay.

monday: checkout of hotel, a quick coffee/bialy around the corner, attempt to visit kiosk (closed on mondays, wop wah,) accompany sam to a business lunch with some friends who will soon have a show in his gallery, then headed back to my place for a nap/bottle rocket viewing. i go to class, he goes to work at a nearby coffee shop, and we meet with the lovely vanessa at the lodge.

this morning: brunch at egg, a quick stop at tops for some groceries, and i need to stop linking so much so i can clean my kitchen and start making raviolis. i'll take some photos.

sunday's outfit at dinner:

dress: i bought in portland at a thriftstore and took in in this weekend while i was avoiding cleaning my room. it now fits like a glove.
shoes: i don't remember. some little place in union square.

and now:

ruffled pink shirt: quail. the back is the coolest part. but i am lazy.
skirt: american apparel
shoes: oak, jeffrey campbell
necklace: from mom
belt: thrifted

okay. lots to do. man to love on. hope everyone is enjoying their week!

xo audrey

Friday, June 19, 2009


progress is being made. it is appalling that it can take a person 3 days to clean a room that's about 10' x 12'. of course, it's not like i've been cleaning non-stop. i manage many distractions for myself. and i don't really get started until well into the afternoon, and then i generally have plans at night, whether it's class or meeting with a friend. i hope to wrap it up today, though. i'm ready to sleep in a bed that is all mine, that i don't share with 18 pounds of clothing, lotion, umbrellas, and dvd cases.

dress: part of a frock swap of sorts with linsey of the indo projects. i shortened it yesterday (one of the distractions)
boots: irregular choice
belt: anthropologie

for the sake of full disclosure, i am not wearing this today. i wore it out last night, when there was a chill in the air and it was rainy and wet. currently, it seems, it is nearly 70 and merely cloudy, which means i may have to throw on a sundress and sandals and frolick outside for awhile, because that's sadly the nicest weather we've seen in these parts for some time.

until we meet again,

xo audrey

Thursday, June 18, 2009

photo booth

hello! another day of unemployment. more cleaning. more clothes to sort through. it's exhausting, and the awful, drizzly weather outside makes it pretty depressing, too. apparently new york is in for ten days straight of rain; it feels like we've had ten already. i thought this was supposed to be summer?! i got laid off and couldn't wait to lie on my roof with a 40 and a book in a bikini, to take the train to parts of the city i haven't seen and just wander, to fly a kite in central park and eat meals al fresco. this will not stand.

shirt: anthropologie
shorts: american apparel
belt: salvation army
shoes: devotte

finally got the photos from the photobooth at sam's birthday party. here are a few favorites.

okay, back to work. aside from sleeping until 11 every morning, i think i have been working harder at home the last few days than i was at work. i mean hard labor! scrubbing, sweeping, loading, unloading, hauling trash and clothing and groceries. it feels good, though. now lets get some sun up in here.

xo audrey

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

first item for sale

hello everyone! happy wednesday! my boyfriend is coming to visit for a week on sunday, so i am trying to get my apartment good and clean before then; my lease is up at the end of the month, too, so i figured i could put my unemployment to good use and get some really good scrubbing done. man oh man. it is so much more work than i imagined. today i continue to dive into the mess of my bedroom and hopefully start throwing things away. and selling things off! i got this dress a couple months ago, and i love the idea of it but it just never looked right on me. it's 100% silk, aqua brand, from bloomingdales. it's a size small but it has an elastic waist and bust so there is some wiggle room in the fit. the photo is true to color (although it's a bit blurred at the bottom,) it has a beautiful floral print and a ruffle around the front.

if you have any questions about it, let me know. i bought it for $88 a couple months ago and literally wore it once; i'm going to sell it for $45 or best offer. i'll set up a paypal link if someone is interested, and charge an additional $5 for priority usps shipping.

thanks everyone, have a lovely day!

xo audrey

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

my color

for many years, seafoam green was my color. it made up about 75% of my wardrobe. i'm not sure how it started, but every time i saw something in this certain shade of green, i had to have it. still, when family members have a sweater or scarf in this color, they refer to it as "audrey's color." sometime in the last several months, my wardrobe has made a distinctive switch to yellow and pink. pink, of all colors. my closet had been entirely devoid of it for some time, but upon moving to brooklyn i acquired pink pieces of clothing at such an alarming rate that the color now requires an entire square of my ikea bookshelf.

i'm discovering that waking up at a reasonable hour is quite a job in and of itself. now that i don't have to be at work at nine, i have an alarm set for 9:30 am; i thought to myself, that's a reasonable hour, i can still sleep in but have a full day to work with if i rouse myself a bit before ten and get moving and have coffee in hand by a couple hours before noon. instead i've been hitting snooze several times then lying in bed watching the colbert report on hulu until nearly noon every day, and eating "breakfast" when most people are having a late lunch. this has to stop.

bought this dress with an american apparel gift card (so it doesn't count!) this weekend. i just picked up my laundry and am about to begin the laborious task of dividing my clothing into keep, sell to vintage shops, and sell to someone else. i've been thinking about trying to sell some things on this here blog; would there be any takers if i were to do so? please let me know in the comments.

much love, as always;

xo, audrey

Monday, June 15, 2009

something borrowed

good. . . afternoon! i spent much of the weekend at vanessa's place, so the credit for this outfit goes to her.

vintage romper (has a cut-out back and nice deep pockets)
belt: urban?
shoes: mine, from union square shop

today, i am determined to start on the right foot. okay, so i did sleep until about 11, but i am now going to grab a coffee and a bagel and then head back home to start on laundry and room-cleaning. i took this photo in the hallway of my apartment, so most of the clothes in it belong to a roommate; i need to get my bedroom to a place where i can actually see my feet planted on the floor for photo-taking.

i've got to get on it. more soon.

xo audrey

Friday, June 12, 2009


hello friends,

yesterday i became another casualty of the recession. indeed, i will never take another photo in the broom closet at work; you will now be able to chart the messiness of my room, i suspect, by eyeing the black and white portion of my photos. i won't post as early in the morning, either. but other than that, the biggest change, i think, will be my demeanor. i loved my coworkers and the company i worked for, and i did so for three long years. but now? now, i essentially get to enjoy a sponsored summer in new york city, a city many argue is the greatest in the world. i won't have to cut a post short to get through a stack of papers, but, rather, to get to the park or my pile of sewing or a museum, play, concert. this will be the audrey summer of love.

so, today i may or may not do an outfit post - this one is from yesterday, the picture taken before i got the news. i left on great terms, and i feel pretty darn good. it's friday, damn it, and i'm going to go get some coffee, read a book, and kick back my legs until it's time to go to class to play with flour and sugar. it's 12:18, and i am still in bed.

let the summer begin!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

diamonds on the soles of her shoes

last night i went out to astoria and had a delicious, home-cooked meal of stewed eggplant and capers and sheeps-milk ricotta over pasta with garlic bread and pecan pie al la mode for dessert. my friends there had all lived in or extensively visited chicago at some point, and we spent a lot of time talking about the merits of this city versus that. as i start to plan my return back to the windy city, i recognize that it isn't just that i love chicago and want to return; going back there is going to be like hitting the refresh button on my old life there, keeping the good things and getting to change the things that i felt stuck in before. i'll get a new apartment (alone, hallelujah,) a new job, one in a field that i love; my time in new york has changed me fundamentally into a much more independent and happy person, and i can't wait to get to experience the city i love more than any other through these new eyes.

i was taking a car home from queens after all this last night, a couple beers later, and thinking about this blog and what a strange and funny thing it can be. i identify myself as many things: a cook, a friend, an artist, a lover of life and music and food and fun and, of course, clothing. but clothing isn't how i define myself, or, i think, my strongest interest. i write this blog most mornings, monday through friday, and gab for a bit about what i did the night before, post a photo, tell you where i got everything, and sign off. i was wondering last night how this came to be the way that i tell you guys who i am. staring out the window, zipping down the BQE, i thought i could just as easily post a photo of what i ate for dinner every night, or the train car that i rode in, the song i listened to on my ipod this morning (99% it's just NPR, i'm a nerd) or the state of my increasingly, horrifyingly disastrous bedroom. but i do believe, as i think many of you do, that the way we present ourselves to the world every day says a lot about you as a person. i take care in getting dressed because i like to. because i like clothes and i like feeling good in what i'm wearing and bright colors and pretty things make me happy. i started doing this because i so enjoy looking at other people's blogs of a similar nature - i don't think of "fashion" or "styling" as my art, but there are so many people who are so much more deft and skilled at this than i that i think it really transcends to that. and i love seeing what everyone does when presented with a nearly limitless number of options when it comes to what to wear.

anyway, i guess i just wanted to thank everyone for continuing to read, and for all the amazingly sweet and kind things that you say. i love reading about other peoples' lives and daily nothings, and it is beyond flattering that anyone cares enough to check in on mine.

enough of the diatribe, though -

i definitely have beatles hair this morning. the awkward lack-of-haircut gets ever more awkward.

shirt: thrifted
skirt: american apparel
necklace: ebay
shoes: devotte purr

couldn't find the brooch i usually wear with this shirt, which was a bummer. may try to stop in an urban outfitters (i have a gift certificate) and snag one at lunch.

again - big thanks, and big love.

xo audrey

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

phoning it in

my alarm goes off at 7:38 every morning. i have to be at work at 9, which means i should leave my apartment no later than 8:30 to get there on time. generally, i snooze the alarm until about 8:05 or so, then i flip on my lamp and turn on NPR. from here, i give myself a few more minutes to squint around the room and figure out what i'm going to wear. by the time i finally stumble out of bed at about a quarter after, it's just a matter of throwing on whatever pieces of clothing i've eyeballed, brushing my teeth, throwing my hair in a messy ponytail, locating my keys and heading out the door. this morning, though, i just couldn't find a damn thing to wear. i've posted a couple of photos of my bedroom before, so you may have something of an idea how disastrous it gets. right now it is bad. i mean BAD. i shove a pile of clothes to the side of my bed to sleep every night; i just did laundry but i've been out of town so much that it still sits in a heap on my bed, and there is a much bigger pile that now needs washing. the problem is simply that my schedule doesn't really allow for free time. last night i had class until eleven, and i have a friend visiting from chicago whom i dearly love but is not one for going to bed early. tonight i have plans with a couple of friends to celebrate our birthdays. tomorrow, class. and so on. i'm hoping this weekend will be a greatly productive one. i want to drop off some clothes to the vintage shop, do all my laundry, and start figuring out how to get rid of all of my furniture before i move back to chicago.

anyway, all of this is a means to explain that i am wearing jeans and a tank top today, and it feels awesome. lazy, but awesome.

jeans: cheap monday
shirt: anthropologie
shoes: vintage, etsy
ring: vintage, etsy
necklace: erica weiner harmonica necklace

i got a really cute birthday card in the mail from anthropologie, and i might sneak in at some point today and see if there's anything i wanna use it on.

and lastly, because this is a pretty boring post over all, some photos i found in an old yearbook from 1955 that i have been saving for a rainy day. it's chilly and thunderstorming, so i think the time is right.

Monday, June 8, 2009

there's too much love to go around these days

belle and sebastian, sing me a song to set me free.

whew. what a long, exhausting, fantastic weekend. i got into chicago thursday morning and got picked up from the airport by my dear friend erika. we met up with my friend linsey and had a quick brunch, and then spent most of the afternoon making about 100 little coconut-infused flans for sam's big birthday party on friday. that night me, sam, and a bunch of friends went out for beer and pizza before heading back to the space to get it ready for the show. friday morning i visited my old office to say hello to everyone then went straight to the space to clean and hang the last of the photos. the party started at 6, and there were many highlights, but too many and too foggy to recount. if you are interested, my friend ben photographed the night, and you can see the photos here.

left to right: my little sister esther, me, my friend erika

i had been saving my birthday outfit for the party, and a friend took some photos of me in it yesterday afternoon. i am a pretty awkward person when there's someone behind the camera but she is incredibly talented and i really love some of the shots she took.

the skirt is from lorick, i bought it on sale at

you can see more of her work here. i really think you should.

friday was long, lovely, and champagne-fueled, so saturday we slept in and got brunch at paramount room (their bloody marys feature not only cheese, pickles, and tomatoes on the toothpick, but also a slim jim stirrer,) stopped at a vintage sale some friends were having (for the first time in memory, i was too tired to shop and shuffled home, leaning heavily on sam, for a 3 hour nap.) we had dinner reservations at my favorite sushi restaurant at 8, met some friends to see up at 10:30, then moseyed home and went to bed.

sunday we met a couple of friends at lula (one of my favorite restaurants in chicago, possibly the best brunch in the city) and then sam drove me up to evanston for my birthday present. he kept putting off giving it to me all weekend; i knew that it involved a journey north, but wasn't sure exactly what it would be. well. it is the most stunning, charming, quirky 1960s cruiser you have ever laid eyes upon.

now i just have to wait 3 months until i'm back in chicago to get to ride it. (torture.) it can't come quickly enough.

and that was my weekend! i flew back into laguardia late last night and met a friend from chicago who's in town for the week for a beer near my place, then fell quickly into a fast sleep. and here i am, back to the real world, to work and school and sore ankles. friday, come quickly.

skirt: vintage, from dee, from vanessa, hemmed by me
shirt: gap
shoes: vivienne westwood for melissa
necklace: ebay
belt: thrifted

against my better judgement, i made the journey to chicago without a blowdrier, and my hair is showing the consequences this morning. the insane new york humidity doesn't help.

happy monday everyone, until tomorrow!

xo audrey

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

it's my birthday too, yeah

good morning! this is the last day i have to get through before a nice, four-day weekend in chicago. boy, am i ready. i was up until about midnight last night studying for a test today (well, okay, studying in between drinking wine and gabbing with my friend kristen) and didn't get any packing done at all, so tonight is going to be kind of a shitshow. no birthday celebration for me - work, school, test, ONE drink, home, pack, shower, sleep, airport. i am tired just thinking about it. oye.

and of course i woke up late today (pretty much par for the course) and let me tell you, these shoes are not good for running-late days. i wear heels a lot, and there are some i can job in, and most i can at least do a stupid-looking fast-walk, but these are too tall and teetery for me to do anything but take small stiff steps.

since i'm going out of town this weekend, i have a lot to do, so yeah, i should do it.

dress: an old express skirt from like 1998
brooch: shoe clip from my mama
socks: american apparel
shoes: aldo

i think i wore damn near this exact same thing on my birthday last year. i spent that one in a wine bar with a bunch of friends in chicago; how time changes things! i can honestly say, though - a lot of people have asked me what i want for my birthday, and i can't think of a thing. i am a very lucky girl and i can't think of anything else i could possibly need. thank you guys so much for reading, and have a wonderful week (if i don't talk to you before monday!)

xo audrey

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i blue myself

tee hee. i've been waiting to use that one for a while. good morning! happy tuesday! or thursday, as tomorrow is my friday, since i am going to chicago for the long weekend thursday morning. tomorrow is my birthday! what big, exciting plans do i have? well, tonight i am studying for a test and packing for chicago, and tomorrow i am taking a test and having class! huzzah! i'll postpone any celebration until i'm on the ground in chicago, i guess; my birthday really snuck up on me this year and i haven't planned anything. hopefully next week i'll find a day to get some friends together for a birthday cocktail or two, at least.

i had originally been saving this shirt as part of my friday night birthday blowout outfit; but then i majorly splurged on a skirt that i'm going to wear instead, so hear it is. i found this at old hollywood, that vintage shop in greenpoint i mentioned a few posts ago. i give it two thumbs up. highly recommend. and if you check it in a couple weeks, you'll probably find some of my clothes there, as i'm going in next weekend to try to unload what i can.

shirt: old hollywood
shorts: akira chicago
shoes: je ne sais pas

trying to get a bunch of work done early in the day so i can (possibly, hopefully) sneak out a tiny bit early for a salon appointment. we shall see.

enjoy the day!

xo audrey

Monday, June 1, 2009


good morning everyone! i hope you all enjoyed your weekend. it was gorgeous in new york, sunny and in the 70s all weekend, and i think i did a pretty good job of enjoying it to the fullest. saturday was mostly spent solo; brunch plans with a friend fell through (kind of long, tragic story) and i ended up taking myself out to eat and then wandering down to the west village, where my friend rachel works at rag & bone. as we were listening to au revoir simone and chatting, cameron diaz walked in and danced around the store with her friend for a bit. i left rachel to deal with the celebrity and wandered around the west village some, finally heading up to the meat packing district and sitting in the sun with a new yorker for an early dinner. headed back to the burg eventually, and met up with pam from market publique for a glass (or three) of wine, then walked across the street to meet up with a couple of friends for a drink and a bite before heading back into manhattan for a birthday party. yesterday i slept in before getting brunch with some friends in cobble hill (bistrot francais, for any of you who happen to be new yorkers, is always perfect. get some french macaroons to go,) then wandered around that neighborhood with vanessa and finally breaking down and buying these shoes, which i've been eyeballing for so long. the birthday purchases are officially over. i think i went a little overboard.

dress: anthropologie
blouse: etsy
belt: anthropologie
shoes: vivienne westwood for melissa

i had to wear these shoes out of the shop and managed to give myself a pretty mean blister within a few blocks, thus the bandaid. i'll power through, though. pain is beauty, right?

counting down the days until my trip to chicago on thursday. if any of you are in chicago or thereabouts this friday, you should come to this. i will be there, and i am bringing homemade mini flan.

xo audrey