Thursday, November 20, 2008

cold and tired.

so, i had orientation for culinary school yesterday. nothing too special; orientation is orientation, no matter where you are, and there was a lot of attendance policy, medical records, you-need-these-shoes nonsense. but, they did talk some about what to expect in classes, volunteer and internship opportunities, etc - and i am really, really excited.

after orientation i came home and warmed up some red flannel hash. this is a really easy recipe that i feel compelled to post.

a couple red potatoes
a couple beets
a package of goat cheese
some herbs of your choice

clean and chop up the beets and potatoes into bite sized cubes. lay them out on a baking sheets, throw a little olive oil, salt, and pepper on 'em, as well as some thyme or parsley or whatever tickles your fancy and roast them about 450 farenheit for about 20-30 minutes. i'd just snag a piece of each veggie with a fork after about 20 minutes to test them. once they're cooked, take them out of the oven and dump them in a big mixing bowl. break up the goat cheese over it and mix it up until the beets and potatoes are coated in the goat cheese. they usually need more salt. i usually eat this with a sunny-side up egg. it should be noted that i brazenly stole this recipe from the roebling tea room, near my apartment.

anyhow, after dinner rachel and i stayed up late drinking blue moons and singing covers of anything ranging from abba to she and him to justice. i fell asleep around 2, woke up late, and just kind of threw something on in a hurry:

jeans: AG, i made 'em skinny. almost too skinny as it happen. i have knee socks on under these and i tried to take a picture with my leg up so you could see my shoes and i can't bend at the knees enough because the jeans are too damn tight. oops.
shoes: got 'em on etsy.
socks: american apparel
undershirt: old navy
sweater: truth? i was in a rushed panic this morning and borrowed it from my roommate jared. the tag has no name on it, just a picture of a water tower. it is very warm.
hat: my parents bought it on their honeymoon in ireland, about 30 years ago. it has a tiny moth hole that i spin around to the neck side.

happy thursday,


Monday, November 17, 2008


a slang term for women that hipsters used in the 60's. also the name of a clothing brand that i am now in love with. this weekend was rachel's birthday and after brunch and prop-8 protesting, we stopped in a boutique on the lower east side and tried on pretty dresses that we couldn't afford. i fell in love with this one.

this picture doesn't really do it justice. this is one of the rare pieces of clothing that actually looks better on us curvy girls than it does skinny models, and every photo i found online featured a girl who weighed as much as one of my legs wearing the dress. i have never felt so pretty in a piece of clothing before. but it was just too expensive. so i walked away, but i didn't forget it.

fast forward to last night. my friend jess and i were wandering around after drinking way too much coffee and decided to stop in this boutique called catbird. a sign outside advertised that everything inside was 30% off. after a bit of poking around, i found the dress! not only was it 30% off, but it was $30 less than the other had been to start off with. at almost half the original price, i bought it.

now i just have to find an excuse to wear it. oh, and i have to stop buying shit. it was gotten a little out of control lately. but i think it's all worth it.

how cold are you right now, chicago? can a girl wear a strapless dress with leggings and boots as long as she has a heavy coat?

see you soon!

xo audrey

Friday, November 14, 2008

friday night dancing & drinking research

happy friday everyone! my friend jess and i are planning a birthday/half birthday party (her birthday is december 3, mine is june 3) for early december and tonight we venture into the wilds of williamsburg to do some location scouting. i will be wearing this, because it is strangely warm in new york today:

romper: dalaga nyc
belt: forever 21
boots: irregular choice

have a good weekend everyone! my plans include birthday brunch with rachel and karaoking little mermaid songs in chelsea.

xo audrey

Thursday, November 13, 2008

strong finish

this outfit displays the last of my residual-funded shopping spree. this dress is made of silk. it has pockets! and inside it has a little ribbon with straps on either side to hold one's bra in place.

dress: on sale at anthropologie
tights: two pairs - one old, from my mom, and the pink have a cool crocheted rose pattern, from urban outfitters
boots: irregular choice, via
necklace: gift from rachel for my birthday

almost friday!

xo audrey

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


hi everyone!

sorry it's been awhile. honestly, a new girl started and she gets here really early and sits right next to me and i am embarrassed to take photos of myself with someone watching. so it's been difficult.

today, though, not only is she out sick but i am so high off of new things that i don't care WHO sees me voguing for my isight!

i got residuals money for a commercial i did a voiceover for back in september and went on a bit of a spending spree. . .

1. new coat

this is hugely exciting to me. i own like 4 coats, but all were bought when i was broke and just wanted something better than what i had before; as a result, they are mostly from the gap and kind of meh. i also see about 30 girls a day wearing the same coat. so. when i saw this on sale at anthropologie, i decided to let myself BUY IT. i waited outside for anthro to open this morning and was the first in line to buy it.

it's 100% wool, it's extremely well made, the pockets are lined with velvet. . . and i am in love with it. i figure, for at least 4 months a year it's the one item of clothing that people see you in the most often. . . it should be awesome.

pair this coat with these gloves, that i snagged for next to nothing at filene's basement:

and these boots, which i spotted sometime last autumn and pined for but couldn't afford. . . until now:

and i am ready for winter! BRING IT!

love you guys, and see you chicagoans sooner than later. . .

xo audrey