Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i had a dream

last night i dreamed that i spent the night at the white house with the obamas. i'm not sure why i was there, although i do remember at one point helping michelle put away barack's laundry. barack took me on a tour of the white house, which included a mineshaft that had been there since the 1800's; there were what appeared to be corpses of mineworkers lying throughout the tunnel, and he explained that they tried to keep the mine as true to the past as possible, so they hadn't removed anything, including the dead, in many years. one of the corpses started crawling towards me and i screamed, and he laughed and said he was only kidding, he'd asked some of the white house staff to pretend to be dead to give me a good scare. i didn't hold it against him. later we went upstairs and decided to take a nap. we found a couch and laid down, he the big spoon to my little sppon, and he gently laid an arm over me and i felt very safe. i remember as i fell asleep i whispered, "thank you, mr. president," and he chuckled into the nape of my neck. he woke early to go do presidential shit and i told michelle that she had the hardest job in the country. also, and this is sickening, i remember as we laid down to take a nap, thinking in my dream, "i wonder if it's okay if i twitter this," and then deciding that it probably wasn't.

anyway. growing up in south carolina, and going to church every sunday, my mom strictly enforced the no-white-shoes-before-easter law. i hesitated this morning when getting dressed; it still feels kind of wrong to me, and i feel the eyeballs of every older woman on the street on my blazing white feet as i walk down the street (this is almost certainly a figment of my own imagination.) but i did a little research this morning to try to figure out where the rule came from, and it seems that there are two reasons: one being that white reflects light, and thus theoretically makes you colder in the winter; and two, the rule was implemented in the 50's, when the middle class was beginning to come into existence, and the upper class basically invented rules such as these to mess with them. so i say, it's going to be in the 50's today, and eff that. i do what i want.

shirt: american apparel
necklaces: ebay
jeans: cheap monday from an adorable shop in dumbo called epaulet. they carry some really amazing shoes, too, like these vivian westwood for melissa:

shoes: steve madden

bowing out.

xo audrey


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