Wednesday, April 22, 2009

do not, under any circumstances, fall asleep with wet hair.

or this will happen to you, too. it looks like something fell asleep on my head.

today i walked outside without a coat and it didn't feel like a mistake. i kept walking. my boss described my shorts as "hot pants" but not in a disapproving way. i have a midterm to study for but instead of studying last night like i meant to, i had 2 glasses of sangria with dinner and stayed too long and then went home and crawled into my roommate's bed and giggled about boys while watching hilariously bad music videos from the early nineties.

le sigh.

sweater: cacharel, thank you gilt!
shorts: american apparel
tights: HUE
shoes: payless
necklace: impossible to see, but erica weiner made it

i almost wore this sweater sans-shorts but had to remind myself that i live in williamsburg, i don't WORK in williamsburg. it is an awkward length, though; i kind of wish i had gotten it in an XS instead of a small, but it's final sale and i'm stuck with the size i have, so i'll make it work.

i am going to attempt a purchasing freeze. my bedroom looks like 18 different boutiques came in, had a crazy rager, then got sick and barfed clothes everywhere. i need to chill. but that is so, so hard when i find things like this:

maybe i will just make my own.

xo audrey


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