Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i don't need no diamonds

two friends got engaged over the weekend. that is, two separate friends got engaged to two separate other people. which is wonderful! don't get me wrong. it's just that between these two, my two sisters, and all the other friends i have that are either married already or planning weddings, i am starting to feel surrounded by people who have hearts in their eyes and rings on their left fingers.

well, i can claim at least one of the two. i found this ring on etsy last week and loved it, but it's so hard to tell how these things will be in person; i needn't have worried. it's perfect. a vintage avon ring from 1975, it opens up to a tiny picture frame, complete with a frame and a little piece of plastic to slip over the photo; you can also pull out the frame and make room for a little tiny something of your choosing.

honestly, though, wearing a ring on my left ring finger just feels weird. i'll switch it over to the right hand soon. and continue to stare at it and smile a off-in-the-clouds smile. that'll show 'em.

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  1. Wowza- I have this exact same vintage ring! I used to belong to my mother.