Thursday, April 30, 2009

putting lipstick on a pig

hee. i just did something silly in the name of swine flu. i saw a girl in anthropologie wearing a face mask, presumably to protect from the disease; i started looking into face masks and found this little piece of amazing.

i found it on hara museum's website. they have lots of pretty little things. of course, it's shipping from japan, so by the time it gets here the "pandemic" will probably be over; but it was only 1,000 yen (about ten bucks) so i figured, why not?

catching up on a couple of blogs today, i stumbled upon this image from elinkan's blog. i think i have a new project. the question is, what should it say?

free thursday

in class yesterday we made truffles l'orange and prepared sheets of pattered chocolate to make boxes out of. these boxes will hold those truffles. frankly i am so tired of working with chocolate already that that's all i'll say about that.

after class i met sprampy at schiller's where she was having dinner and a couple stiff ones with an old friend. we chatted, i had a couple of cocktails that tasted like either strawberry yogurt or that funfetti birthday cake, and we paid our bill and were about to leave when 3 tequila shots arrived on the table. i hate tequila. but i did it anyway, and it was of course this shot that pushed me across the "happy but not drunk" line to the "happy and also kind of drunk" side. hopped in a cab home, crawled into bed, and fell asleep with my computer open. i woke up with such a jolt at 5:23 am (for some reason, abc's website, which was open, chose that time to play a desperate housewives promo. or perhaps i'd just slept through the rest?) that my iphone fell of my bedside table and onto my cold cement floor. okay. it's time to buy a case.

onesie: dalaga boutique in greenpoint
belt: salvation army
socks: american apparel
shoes: pour la victoire
brooch: gift from dee :-)

i had a sweater-jacket over this when i came to work this morning, as there's a bit of a chill in the air, but when i arrived at work the a/c had stopped working over night and it was nearly 90 degrees in the office. i am very grateful for my bare shoulders at this moment.

tonight! new museum with vanessa, dinner after, sleep to prepare for friday, friend birthday madness, and chicago-traveling this weekend.

xo audrey

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

gilt & alexander mcqueen are conspiring against me

that is the only explanation i can come up with for why he would end up on gilt the day after i get an influx of money into my bank account. it's that conundrum where i technically *have* the money to buy the stuff i like, but it would be extremely irresponsible. to stifle the urge to buy, i will instead post some of my favorites. and drool over them.

not a gilt-er? want to be? are you SURE? (it can be dangerous.) if you do, drop me a comment and i'll send you an invite.

xo audrey


feeling flushed with a great love of my country (aka my tax return) yesterday, i skipped from work to the anthropologie around the corner. for some reason the store was packed, and the dressing room line was out of control; so i hunted down this skirt and slipped it on over my dress. it fit (although after wearing it this morning, i think i'm going to have to take it in a bit - it sits lower on my waist than i'd like it to) so i took it upstairs, bought it, and decided to have a nice, quiet, night of audrey. i try to treat myself to one of these every once in awhile, since my life is so busy and i am almost always surrounded by people one place or another. i bought a book and walked to the momofuku milk bar, a place i've been dying to try since it was just a "coming soon" blurb on new york magazine's website. anyone who knows me knows that i am a milk FIEND. i crave it the way heroin addicts crave a fix. this is no joke. i have been known to wake up at 3 am, craving milk so hard that i will walk blocks to an open grocery store and chug a half gallon in the aisle. i'm not sure what it means, but i am sure i must have some strong bones.

i had pork buns, pistachio lemon curd cake, and a tall glass of organic whole milk. it was incredible and relatively inexpensive. afterwards, i headed home with my book and read until i fell asleep, nice and early, and had bizarre and scary dreams about the ten plagues taking place in our kitchen at school.

shirt: vintage, from etsy
skirt: anthropologie
belt: anthropologie
shoes: devotte
tights: HUE
necklace: etsy

our phone lines at work are messed up and so i am temporarily relieved of my receptionist duties, as all our calls get forwarded to the chicago office. it is oddly quiet in here (well, unless you count the crystal castles blaring over the speakers in the pit. silent of phones ringing, anyway.)

hope everyone has a lovely wednesday. . .

xo audrey

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

workin' on my night cheese

so, last night, after a long class of chocolate-tempering (an extremely messy and frustrating process) during which i somehow managed to fall asleep (falling asleep in a large lecture hall is one thing, but falling asleep in a kitchen is blaringly obvious and extremely embarrassing) i headed home on the JMZ. i'd spoken to my friend vanessa earlier in the night but a couple of texts went unreturned and i took it as a blessing that i could just go home and get some rest. i stepped off the JMZ and wandered in to a small family-style mexican restaurant and ordered a ham and cheese sandwich, and sat and waited as i listed to the soothing voice of scott carrier on the most recent episode of this american life. suddenly my iphone (iphone!!) started vibrating wildly; i'd received a barrage of texts from vanessa, sounding in need of a rescue. "piano les. need u now." "please come save me." etc. i asked if she needed me to come scoop her and got a "yes." so i briskly gathered my sandwich, put my chocolate cake in a plastic bag and hiked back to the JMZ, anxiously looking down the track and hoping she would be okay until i got there. i got off at delancey and hustled towards the bar (with the aid of my handy GPS!) and into the bar, where she was nowhere to be found. my heart dropped. i call. no answer. i receive a text: "upstairs." i run up the stairs to find a very happily drunk vanessa karaoking (read: butchering [i love you spramps!]) kanye west's gold digger. i bought a $4 pbr (scandal,) square danced around the floor with vanessa for a bit, then helped her into a cab and back to her apartment not 20 minutes after i'd come. i slept like a baby on her air mattress, though, and believe me, i am not complaining: i welcome any excuse to be able thumb through her rack of designer dresses and take my pick. it had to be a quick one this morning, and i think the cut isn't quite right for me, but i looove the pattern on this dress, and the light silk feels so good in this still-new manhattan sunshine.

dress: from my beauty in brooklyn, nunispramp
huraches: etsy
belt: also vanessa's
hair: getting more and more awkward

i am contemplating a trip to chicago this weekend. i had been anyway, and then i checked my bank account this morning (peeking through the cracks of my fingers to soften the blow that i was sure was coming after the decadence of this weekend) and was delighted to find that my extremely generous tax refund came through this morning! thanks, mr. president! delta has round-trip flights for $140, so there's really no excuse not to. . . get ready chicago. . . i think hurricane audrey is going to hit this weekend.

hope everyone else's day is as filled with sunshine as mine,

xo audrey

Monday, April 27, 2009


good morning! i had a long, gorgeous weekend spent in the sun and it really took a lot out of me. pulling myself out of bed this morning was damn near impossible, and i've spent much of the morning dealing with iphone (iphone!! i got one over the weekend!) related issues. i'm currently holding as i attempt to change my cell phone number to a chicago one because i can now say with confidence that i'll be moving there after graduating from culinary school in september. as i hold, i'm the lunch of a privileged 7 year old: natural peanut butter and strawberry-peach jam with sliced bananas on wheat, a bowl of cut up mango, and a glass of milk. yum.

shirt: thrifted
skirt: american apparel
belt: anthropologie
shoes: etsy
necklace: ebay

tonight: more adventures in chocolate. i have to admit i don't like this unit much so far. not only am i not a chocolate person (i know, i know, i'm a sorry excuse for a woman) but tempering chocolate is a very precise and scientific process, and "precise" and "scientific" are things that i don't really do well unless it involves embossing powder or frosting. le sigh.

also wishing that the time spent in the sun this weekend showed up SOMEWHERE on my skin. i'm as pale as ever, still.

xo audrey

Friday, April 24, 2009

they just don't make 'em like they used to

stumbled upon this collection of vintage clothing labels (via coudalpartners) this morning. here are a few of my favorites, but the whole set is really lovely and worth checking out. i've always loved the charm of vintage labels.

photos by joulesstar, you can see the full set here.

thank g it's f

well, it wasn't pretty, the room-cleaning, but i did it. i even got new sheets and put them on my bed, although i think buying sheets with a pattern may have been a mistake; my room is about 8'x 8' and at this point basically functions as a glorified closet. i have nails every few inches on the longest wall and at least 2 dresses hanging from each, and my bookshelf holds no books but instead each cube is stuffed with a different color - yellow and brown tee shirts, sweaters, skirts, and blouses in one, denim in another. i should take pictures while it's all clean so you can get an idea of why a girl with lots of clothes shouldn't, despite popular opinion, live in new york city. i need a closet!!

in class tonight we start chocolates, which should be fun, although i have to admit i'm not much of a chocolate girl. more for my roommates! i think after i am going to force myself to go home and get a reasonable night's sleep - i have big plans for the weekend and i could use a quiet night at home.

detail shot of what this jacket can do:

sequined jacket: my favorite portland purchase. you can flip the gold sequins over to make silver! meaning you can write or draw on it. it's pretty incredible. and extremely loud.
shirt: gap
shorts: akira chicago
shoes: enzo angiolini
necklace: ebay

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! it is going to be in the 80s in the big apple this weekend so i'm breaking out the bare legs and summer dresses.

also, edit: i am wearing sheer pantyhose, too, that must be giving me a bit of color, because i am pretty sure i am not this tan.
xo audrey

Thursday, April 23, 2009

marie antoinette

she's the one who said let them eat cake, right? after weeks of cake-making, i have to say i don't really want to touch one for years, but here are photos from last night's test.

all the decorations are made from fondant, with some royal icing details.

brain: dead

yesterday was a long, long one. had work, as usual, and left about an hour early to head to school and study for the midterm. when we have tests, there is a written part of the test and a practical part; the practical is where we actually bake something and get graded on taste, texture, appearance, as well as organization and timing and proper use of tools and all that. i've always done really well with the practical part of the exam, but i struggle sometimes with the written. this is the part where you have to answer questions like, "lean breads should be baked until their internal temperature is between _____ and _____." (answer: 204 and 207 degrees farenheit.) or, "list the twelve steps of bread making." it's questions that are very technical, very precise, and knowing them doesn't necessarily mean you know what you are doing. so i got to school and was sitting with a few friends going over the ingredients in a brioche and the difference between franzipan and creme anglais and bavarian cream and moussolin and i kind of started to panic. this test was over everything we've learned since november; it was a lot of information.

well, to make a not particularly long or interesting story shorter, it was a breeze. i was kind of amazed at how easily it all came back to me once i got the test. and the practical exam went pretty well, too; we just had to decorate a cake, and i liked mine but there were, of course, some things i could see about it that i would have liked to change. oh well. i'll have pictures up soon.

anyway, i've posted this dress before, but it's one of my favorites and a good standby, so:

dress: brooklyn flea market
socks: american apparel
shoes: steve madden

tonight i MUST clean my room. MUST. i put it here so that i am held accountable. I MUST.

xo audrey

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

do not, under any circumstances, fall asleep with wet hair.

or this will happen to you, too. it looks like something fell asleep on my head.

today i walked outside without a coat and it didn't feel like a mistake. i kept walking. my boss described my shorts as "hot pants" but not in a disapproving way. i have a midterm to study for but instead of studying last night like i meant to, i had 2 glasses of sangria with dinner and stayed too long and then went home and crawled into my roommate's bed and giggled about boys while watching hilariously bad music videos from the early nineties.

le sigh.

sweater: cacharel, thank you gilt!
shorts: american apparel
tights: HUE
shoes: payless
necklace: impossible to see, but erica weiner made it

i almost wore this sweater sans-shorts but had to remind myself that i live in williamsburg, i don't WORK in williamsburg. it is an awkward length, though; i kind of wish i had gotten it in an XS instead of a small, but it's final sale and i'm stuck with the size i have, so i'll make it work.

i am going to attempt a purchasing freeze. my bedroom looks like 18 different boutiques came in, had a crazy rager, then got sick and barfed clothes everywhere. i need to chill. but that is so, so hard when i find things like this:

maybe i will just make my own.

xo audrey

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


so, i don't usually do, like, "high fashion" posts, because i am pretty much illiterate about that stuff and it isn't really what i'm into most of the time, but my sweater (see below) came today and i decided to find out a little bit about the company that makes it (because it is BEAUTIFUL and perfect and i can't wait to wear it.) they are a french company who are named for a bird that resides in a region in southern france, which explains some of the bird themes that run through their summer collection. anyway, not all of the summer collection was for me; it was very heavy on prints and i tend to gravitate toward bold colors and textures, but i thought a few of the ensembles were quite lovely.

i LOVE the pattern in the lace in the dress above, and i have found myself looking at a lot more white recently - maybe because it's the only color that gives allows me to give the (false) impression that i am anything other than white, white, white.

i'm off for the night, have a lovely evening, everyone!

xo audrey

blog lovin'

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

i've noticed this thing on a lot of fashion blogs i peruse throughout my day, so i figured it couldn't hurt to give it as an option if anyone wants. no pressure. just, you know, here it is if you want it.

xo audrey

laundry day at last

i think my laundry days work in reverse. my jeans and t-shirts, by the time i feel compelled to cart my laundry into the laundromat a couple blocks away, are in piles on my bedroom floor; the only clean stuff i have left are the dresses hanging on my wall, so i end up dressing up instead of down on the day i drop off my dirties. today i guess i can use the excuse that i'm going to dinner with a good friend from chicago who i haven't seen in far too long. after that i HAVE to go home and study study study; i have a midterm tomorrow, and i am nervous about it.

dress: quail, strap added by me (it was absolutely necessary)
elbow-length gloves: brooklyn flea market
tights: HUE
shoes: forever 21
belt: salvation army

i found this dress in 'in god we trust' in the lower east side over the winter, tried it on and fell in looove, but just couldn't afford it. i couldn't get it off my mind, though, and a few days later i found it in a little boutique near my apartment for half the price and immediately snatched it up. it was my new year's dress, but so not fit for dancing; it was strapless when i bought it and i kept having to pull it up as i danced into the wee hours of the morning. i wrote the company that makes it to ask if they had any of the fabric left so that i could make a strap of it, but they had thrown it all away when they changed studios lately; i kind of wrote the dress off as a lost cause until i came up with a way to sew little ribbon loops into the top so that i could attach a bra strap to it. now it stays up brilliantly. ta-da!

my hair is turning into a major mushroom, but i kind of like it. i am going to let it go and see what happens. i think i have gotten an average of about 5 hours of sleep a night since friday, and i have to say, my brain is pretty much not working right now. i am going to focus on my cup of coffee and try to get some work done.

xo audrey

Monday, April 20, 2009


total monday fail. i woke up at 10:15 to the sound of my cell phone ringing; it was my boss, i panicked and tried to answer but accidentally hung up on her, jumped out of bed, threw on a bunch of navy and grabbed a car service into work. i compromised my cleanliness by brushing my teeth rather than showering and mascara'ing with my right hand while brushing with my left. i got to work and threw open my coat to discover that my shirt had somehow popped a button in the car on the way over and the entire office was now being given a show that few ever have the privilege of seeing. so. i changed into a dingy tank top i've had balled up under my desk, threw my hair in a ponytail, and there will be no broom-closet photos today.

however!! i have been very bad the last few days. gilt was having their final-sale insane-o deal craziness thursday and friday, and i bought not one, but two things. i think one may come today. i really hope so, because after this weekend when i probably spent a grand total of 12 hours at my apartment (and nearly all of those sleeping) i still haven't done laundry, and the situation is getting dire.

this was probably the most classically "new york" weekend i've had in a long, long time. it helped that the weather was absolutely gorgeous for most of it. i closed two bars, friday and saturday nights, did some flea market shopping, ate two brunches, drank entirely too much, danced at various venues, wore lots of sequins, and met a bunch of wonderful, fun girls. epic. but i guess that awesomeness had to be balanced out by something, thus my nightmare of a morning.

anyway! i only have a photo of one of the gilted items, but it is something that has been posted on the site a few times, but was always just too expensive; this time, on final sale, it was just barely affordable and i decided that since i've been staring at it longingly for so long, i could go without dinner a couple of nights so i could get it.

beautiful angora sweater. . . i just hope it comes in time for me to wear it before it's gorgeous every day.

anyway. i'm a mess and i need to get down to business. happy monday, everyone, i promise i'll be in better shape tomorrow!

xo audrey

Friday, April 17, 2009

i woke up this morning with the sun right in my eyes

i slept away from home again last night, but this time i was prepared. i got this dress in portland at a little boutique on sale; it's a bit muted for my usual taste, but i really like the cut and shape of it and color can always be added in after the fact.

one sad thing happened in portland: i was wearing one of the bow enclosures from my devotte shoes as part of a necklace while we were walking around the saturday market, and i looked down and it was gone. so now i only have one bow for these beautiful shoes. i decided not to let myself get too upset about something so silly, so i'm going to try to contact the shoe makers, and if they can't send me any more i'll just buy some shoe clips off etsy. [shrug] shit happens.

vanessa's apartment is so sunny in the morning, which is an amazing change since my bedroom in williamsburg is completely windowless and kind of feels like a dungeon at 7:30 in the morning. inspired by the sunshine, i stretched, woke up a bit early, and decided to make an effort with the hair and makeup today for a change.

dress: esley
headband: tie from my dressing gown
socks: american apparel
shoes: devotte purr
brooch: shoe clip

tonight: class, as per usual, then going outttt. what and where tbd. this weekend i plan on spending some quality time with my bathing suit, my roof, and my freckles.

and a quick note to the commenters on the last few posts - thank you so much for all the kind words! ktklemons, my tattoo says "sucre," it means sugar in french (since i'm a french pastry student and all that jazz.) have a lovely weekend, all!

xo audrey

Thursday, April 16, 2009

somebody else's clothes

last night was another night of cake decorating in class; we're starting to use marzipan and fondant and all that fancy stuff to really focus on the aesthetics of the thing. i have to come up with a concept for an occasion cake and sketch it out by friday night; i know what i'll be scribbling at my desk tomorrow.

after class a couple friends of mine headed to the bar down the street from school, where joe the bartender remembered not only my first but also my last name (nice or creepy?) and 3 manhattanite douchebags in their 30s flirted like 9 year old boys by trying to get us to let them sniff our armpits and steal our shoes (no joke.) luckily for me joe bought half my drinks, so i had a pretty nice buzz going by midnight and decided to just head over to vanessa's and crash there. the problem: no change of clothes for work today. the solution: i have been wanting to dive into vanessa's amazing closet for months, and this morning she gave me free reign. the result:

dress: jay godfrey, thanks to vanessa, the most stylish girl i know
tights, shoes, belt and necklace: same as yesterday. i didn't want to get too comfortable in her clothes.

i just googled jay godfrey (i am pretty much designer illiterate) and am somewhat appalled to learn that the dress i am wearing probably cost as much as i make in a week. i will be very careful today. i absolutely love the shape of it, though; the strength of the material makes it flare out almost like a hoop skirt at the bottom, and i love the sleeves. my bra keeps wanting to peek out from under it, though, which could be worse since it actually complements the color quite nicely, but probably isn't really "office attire." so far, no one has complained.

makeup class in school tonight, class tomorrow, and hopefully a gorgeous day saturday. i can't wait for bare legs.

xo audrey

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


got back from portland late last night after a rather hideous day of travel: up at 4:45 to take a cab to the airport, arrive atlanta, experience delays and lots of gate changes, circle la guardia for 30 minutes before finally arriving in dreary, rainy new york at around 8 pm. my gift and my curse is my ability to sleep anywhere at all, so i slept for the entirety of the two flights, which was great in its way, but meant that i was unable to fall asleep until asshole-o'clock last night.

portland was absolutely wonderful. i have lived in small-ish towns before, but portland felt like the biggest version of the smallest town i've ever visited. everyone was so FRIENDLY, way beyond the tight-smiled midwestern friendliness of chicago; people actually went out of there way to catch up with me to tell me they liked my outfits, and every time we were at a stop sign or paused on the sidewalk people would offer a cheery hello or ask what we were up to. the coffee was amazing, our hotel was hip and cheap, the beer was citrusy and abundant. something else that kind of surprised me was how amazing the food was, across the board. the first meal we had was brunch at the hotel restaurant, and the last thing i ate was a macaroon from papa haydn; both were absolutely divine.

other than eating and drinking the day away, we did some thrift store and boutique shopping (i scored some amazing finds that i'll be sure to post) and saw the fleet foxes on sunday. i loved their album last year, but had only tentative high hopes for the show; the songs are so heavy on harmonies, i didn't think there was any way they'd be able to replicate them in person. how wrong was i! they took it to a whole new level, it was absolutely ethereal. this gives you a bit of an idea, i hope.

Fleet Foxes - A Take Away Show from La Blogotheque on Vimeo.

and some photographed highlights. . . sam rosen wants me to make sure he is credited for the pictures.

the effervescent amy

stolid sam

disco audrey

the amazing gold jacket

and today's remix!

dress: thrifted in hawthorne area of portland
belt: salvation army
tights: same as always
shoes: forever 21
necklace: ebay

our shower was being repaired this morning and i am looking a little worse for wear, so i just snapped one quick photo this morning and tried not to worry about it too much. the dress is really vibrant in person, but needs a little tailoring; i hope to find some free time this weekend.

xo audrey

Monday, April 13, 2009

last day in portland

last day in portland! it has been a blast. i had no idea someone could drink so much coffee and still be so sleepy. within one hour today experienced rain, hail, warmth, cool, cloudiness, and sunshine. i'm going to drink and eat and enjoy the sun while it lasts, but i'll have some more pictures and stories from this fabled land up soon.

xo audrey

Friday, April 10, 2009

broadcasting live from portland

i'm here, it is gorgeous, so this is going to be a quick one. sushi dinner tonight, and i think i'll walk around until then. have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

dress/shirt: anthropologie
skirt: forever 21
tights: HUE
hat: ebay (it came!)
shoes: devotte purr
necklaces: ebay
gloves: etsy

xo audrey

Thursday, April 9, 2009

where the [previous post]s are

in keeping with my previous post, i'm sure that pretty much everyone out there has seen this by now, but if you haven't, you must, and so, i post. (and overuse commas.) spike jonze + dave eggers + the yeah yeah yeahs = every hipster's dream come true. i, for one (of millions) can't wait.

Where The Wild Things Are from Darian on Vimeo.

wild thing

this morning i got ready for work in 8 minutes. 8 minutes! i try to wake up by 7:45, usually wake up at 8:00 or so, and today i finally dragged myself out of bed at 8:22 and threw on a bathmat. no, i found this vest whilst boutique shopping in dumbo with a couple of friends and decided to make it mine. for some reason it was obscenely on sale; it's as if no one else was buying these beauties!

vest/dress: some shop in dumbo (the tag just says 'y')
belt: salvation army
tights: HUE
shoes: pour la victoire
necklace: ebay

we've started cake decorating in school; should be a fun unit. today i'm racing to finish a bunch of things at work before i leave early to pack; tomorrow morning at 6 am i'm off to portland until tuesday, so i probably won't post until then.

hope everyone has a great weekend/passover/easter. . .

xo audrey

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

okay, this is bullshit

seriously, april? pull it together. get your shit straight. you aren't february, april, and no one wants you to be. what this photo doesn't tell you is that it's fucking SNOWING. unacceptable.

i'm going to portland this weekend, and when i get back, i really hope you've figured this out. your identity crisis is getting really old.

i top-shopped

and you know what? it wasn't that amazing. most of the stuff i wanted was heavily beaded or sequined and cost more than i wanted to spend, and the other stuff struck me as pretty forever 21-y. great shoes, though. i didn't have time to wait to be noticed by an employee to get my size, though, so i tried on a few shirts in front of a mirror and chose this one. it kind of exhibits my style turrets; i usually shy away from 80's style stuff, but shirts like this have been grabbing my attention lately, so i decided to go for it.

shirt: topshop
leggings: american apparel
boots: alice + olivia for payless
necklace: ebay

gin + wine + sangria = hangover and red-stained lips. my L train smelled like french toast this morning. my coffee is cold. it is going to be a long day.

xo audrey

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

i don't need no diamonds

two friends got engaged over the weekend. that is, two separate friends got engaged to two separate other people. which is wonderful! don't get me wrong. it's just that between these two, my two sisters, and all the other friends i have that are either married already or planning weddings, i am starting to feel surrounded by people who have hearts in their eyes and rings on their left fingers.

well, i can claim at least one of the two. i found this ring on etsy last week and loved it, but it's so hard to tell how these things will be in person; i needn't have worried. it's perfect. a vintage avon ring from 1975, it opens up to a tiny picture frame, complete with a frame and a little piece of plastic to slip over the photo; you can also pull out the frame and make room for a little tiny something of your choosing.

honestly, though, wearing a ring on my left ring finger just feels weird. i'll switch it over to the right hand soon. and continue to stare at it and smile a off-in-the-clouds smile. that'll show 'em.

the scrilla

i think it's only barely visible in this photo, but so many of my shirts are riddled with tiny holes right around the belly button. does this happen to anyone else? i guess rubbing against belt buckles/pants buttons wears them out, but damn. how annoying. fortunately i am not one who cares about things like holes, and if anyone points them out i'll just say it's part of the look.

last night we had our final exam in petit fours, and everyone did really well. a couple of things didn't turn out quite as well as i'd like (the white chocolate ganache never really set up, and the s'more macaroons were a little meringue-heavy, so they were on the crunchy side) but everything tasted delicious and looked beautiful, if i do say so myself.

tonight i have a meeting after work in the lower east side; before then, i am hoping the line to get into topshop has died down and i can steal in for a look around. fingers crossed.

sweater jacket: vintage from bushwick thrift shop
shirt: anthropologie
belt: vintage, mom's
tights: bebaroque
bloomers: mary meyer
shoes: DSW
necklace: ebay

work has been quiet lately, to say the least, so i'll probably post more later.

xo audrey