Thursday, April 23, 2009

brain: dead

yesterday was a long, long one. had work, as usual, and left about an hour early to head to school and study for the midterm. when we have tests, there is a written part of the test and a practical part; the practical is where we actually bake something and get graded on taste, texture, appearance, as well as organization and timing and proper use of tools and all that. i've always done really well with the practical part of the exam, but i struggle sometimes with the written. this is the part where you have to answer questions like, "lean breads should be baked until their internal temperature is between _____ and _____." (answer: 204 and 207 degrees farenheit.) or, "list the twelve steps of bread making." it's questions that are very technical, very precise, and knowing them doesn't necessarily mean you know what you are doing. so i got to school and was sitting with a few friends going over the ingredients in a brioche and the difference between franzipan and creme anglais and bavarian cream and moussolin and i kind of started to panic. this test was over everything we've learned since november; it was a lot of information.

well, to make a not particularly long or interesting story shorter, it was a breeze. i was kind of amazed at how easily it all came back to me once i got the test. and the practical exam went pretty well, too; we just had to decorate a cake, and i liked mine but there were, of course, some things i could see about it that i would have liked to change. oh well. i'll have pictures up soon.

anyway, i've posted this dress before, but it's one of my favorites and a good standby, so:

dress: brooklyn flea market
socks: american apparel
shoes: steve madden

tonight i MUST clean my room. MUST. i put it here so that i am held accountable. I MUST.

xo audrey

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  1. Seriously great dress! Good to see someone else rocking socks and heels. Whenever I do it the old ladies at my work freak out and are like "You can't wear socks and heels. You just, CAN'T!" Oh yeah, watch me! I think it's such a cute look!