Tuesday, April 21, 2009

laundry day at last

i think my laundry days work in reverse. my jeans and t-shirts, by the time i feel compelled to cart my laundry into the laundromat a couple blocks away, are in piles on my bedroom floor; the only clean stuff i have left are the dresses hanging on my wall, so i end up dressing up instead of down on the day i drop off my dirties. today i guess i can use the excuse that i'm going to dinner with a good friend from chicago who i haven't seen in far too long. after that i HAVE to go home and study study study; i have a midterm tomorrow, and i am nervous about it.

dress: quail, strap added by me (it was absolutely necessary)
elbow-length gloves: brooklyn flea market
tights: HUE
shoes: forever 21
belt: salvation army

i found this dress in 'in god we trust' in the lower east side over the winter, tried it on and fell in looove, but just couldn't afford it. i couldn't get it off my mind, though, and a few days later i found it in a little boutique near my apartment for half the price and immediately snatched it up. it was my new year's dress, but so not fit for dancing; it was strapless when i bought it and i kept having to pull it up as i danced into the wee hours of the morning. i wrote the company that makes it to ask if they had any of the fabric left so that i could make a strap of it, but they had thrown it all away when they changed studios lately; i kind of wrote the dress off as a lost cause until i came up with a way to sew little ribbon loops into the top so that i could attach a bra strap to it. now it stays up brilliantly. ta-da!

my hair is turning into a major mushroom, but i kind of like it. i am going to let it go and see what happens. i think i have gotten an average of about 5 hours of sleep a night since friday, and i have to say, my brain is pretty much not working right now. i am going to focus on my cup of coffee and try to get some work done.

xo audrey


  1. That dress is beautiful and what a genius solution to the strapless issue!