Thursday, April 2, 2009

doing my best crystal castles

ha, ever since i started using the self timer i have noticed that i only like pictures of me where i'm looking down. i feel like every time i attempt to look into the camera i give off some kind of crazy eyes. it's just easier this way. and this way i could be the inner flap of the crystal covers album.

anyhow, today is a big day for new yorker girls because. . . topshop is opening its doors! i first visited a topshop in ireland about 8 years ago. i bought a pair of slingbacked, pointy heeled, bright yellow kitten heels covered in black fishnet; i was absolutely in love. of course i've since run those shoes deep, deep into the ground (i am going to try to find them this weekend, though, and if i still have them see what my magical cobbler can do) so i hope to sneak in to the opening today and see if i can snag some new ones. i may shy away if (when) the crowds are too insane. i enjoy shopping, yes, but i am about as passive as they come and i don't think i can bring myself to fight over clothing.

(all from topshop's website)

if i make it through the door, i hope to god they have these blue shoes.

after topshop, i'm heading to a book party my friend planned for the publishing house she works for. going to try to keep it a tame night and not overindulge in the complimentary vodka and chocolates.

dress: betsey johnson
brooch: from dee
belt: salvation army
knee socks: american apparel
shoes: devotte
purse: antique shop on LES

until tomorrow,

xo audrey

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