Thursday, April 16, 2009

somebody else's clothes

last night was another night of cake decorating in class; we're starting to use marzipan and fondant and all that fancy stuff to really focus on the aesthetics of the thing. i have to come up with a concept for an occasion cake and sketch it out by friday night; i know what i'll be scribbling at my desk tomorrow.

after class a couple friends of mine headed to the bar down the street from school, where joe the bartender remembered not only my first but also my last name (nice or creepy?) and 3 manhattanite douchebags in their 30s flirted like 9 year old boys by trying to get us to let them sniff our armpits and steal our shoes (no joke.) luckily for me joe bought half my drinks, so i had a pretty nice buzz going by midnight and decided to just head over to vanessa's and crash there. the problem: no change of clothes for work today. the solution: i have been wanting to dive into vanessa's amazing closet for months, and this morning she gave me free reign. the result:

dress: jay godfrey, thanks to vanessa, the most stylish girl i know
tights, shoes, belt and necklace: same as yesterday. i didn't want to get too comfortable in her clothes.

i just googled jay godfrey (i am pretty much designer illiterate) and am somewhat appalled to learn that the dress i am wearing probably cost as much as i make in a week. i will be very careful today. i absolutely love the shape of it, though; the strength of the material makes it flare out almost like a hoop skirt at the bottom, and i love the sleeves. my bra keeps wanting to peek out from under it, though, which could be worse since it actually complements the color quite nicely, but probably isn't really "office attire." so far, no one has complained.

makeup class in school tonight, class tomorrow, and hopefully a gorgeous day saturday. i can't wait for bare legs.

xo audrey


  1. I love the head to toe color combo, very chic.

  2. U look amazing in all this pretty yellow! I've been into yellow these days 2! btw check out my fashion blog at when U get a chance! ;-)