Thursday, November 26, 2009

time, travel

sam and i packed our bags and headed to sunny california tuesday afternoon, and this is what i wore. i find myself getting dressed up to travel often; i don't know why i have the impulse, perhaps it's nostalgia for a time i never experienced, when getting on a plane was a big deal and everyone wore An Outfit and you were served steak and smoked cigarettes from holders the entire plane ride. (i'm glad some things have changed.)

new york was strangely warm when we left, so i didn't even throw a coat on over this, but of course nothing compares to southern california. yesterday was nearly 80 and sam and i sat outside in bathing suits and read in the sun.

dress: flea market
fur collar: etsy
hair comb: etsy
shoes: a gift from seychelles

i have to run off to make apple pie and drink egg nog. i hope everyone has a lovely thanksgiving!

xo audrey

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

light as a feather

hello! it's been a busy few days here, and i'm in the midst of a great apartment clean-up, so i'll make this quick.

one - i got a job! a really cool one! more on this as the story develops. (i am terrified of jinxing it.)

two - got a few new things in the mail in the last couple of days, and this outfit incorporates two. i broke down and bought the guy baxter dress, but i really like the underslip better than the two parts together - i wore the slip yesterday (christine from mystylepill came over and i made us breakfast, black pepper shortcakes, potato galettes, scrambled eggs and fresh strawberries and blueberries) and i'll post that soon. the lace overslip has kind of weird sleeves that are tricky to wear, but i think i figured out a way that i like it.

dress: guy baxter, with a slip under from victoria's secret
belt: salvation army
shoes: kennedy holmes' etsy

back to work for me.

xo audrey

Friday, November 13, 2009

scallops, sliced

a lazy, cold thursday holed up in my apartment inspired me to remix my pink scalloped aka dress yesterday afternoon. i have this red corduroy button down dress that i bought on sale at anthro a year or so ago but have found it a bit cumbersome to wear - it's a size or two too big for me (i have this retarded problem at anthropologie where i'll buy things too big if they are super on sale, telling myself i'll take them in [which i sometimes do] or find a way to make them work as is [which i may have finally done with this pairing.]) i've had a half-cocked notion of turning this dress into a dressy overcoat of sorts, since it unbuttons all the way; i really love pink and red together, to such a degree that i actually replaced the little buttons that came on this dress (they used to be fake-fancy black and rhinestone dealies) with red heart buttons that i found on etsy.

under dress: aka, from gilt
over dress: anthropologie
shoes: alice and olivia for payless
headband: UO
belt: salvation army

the radiators are on in my apartment and despite the cold, it is a bit too toasty in here. so i'm going to take this warm laptop off my lap and get into the day.

xo audrey

Thursday, November 12, 2009

guy baxter

!!! run, don't walk, to guy baxter's online shop. i am heavily eyeballing the ellen dress, which i spotted online somewhere weeks ago but couldn't figure out who made it; imagine my delight upon not only to stumbling upon it here, but seeing it marked down to $55 from $342!!

it's such a charming print softened with the floral chiffon overlay. absolutely everything is on sale for 50% off the final sale price if you use the code gb7696. i can't tell when the sale ends so i'd get in there.

this has been a public service announcement.

xo audrey


last night i went out for wine with christine from mystylepill. ladies and gentlemen, do not be fooled. this girl is slight, sweet and all smiles, but she will drink you under a table. after two hours and a few glasses of white wine, i was unable to form sentences while christine was outlining quantum theory on our cocktail napkins. okay, not actually, but she walked home with grace while i poured myself into a cab. christine, i tip my raccoon tailed hat to you. you are one classy lady. and you can really handle your veltliner.

today's outfit definitely draws its inspiration from the lovely erin at calivintage and her recent scalloped blazer. i browsed my closet today and found two scalloped items that haven't seen much airtime and decided to pair them together. this blouse is stupidly hard to wear - the sash is a little weird, it's too high-waisted for most pants and skirts and too frilly to wear with anything fancy or anything too casual. i like this pairing, though, and think i'll go back to it in the future.

shirt: vintage, picked up from old hollywood
dress: aka, scoured from gilt
shoes: alice & olivia for payless, ebayed
necklace: ebay

xo audrey

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

heavens to betsy, i love etsy

sam and i went to new jersey this weekend to go fishing, as i may have mentioned, and came back sunday afternoon with some striped bass in the freezer and this hat on my head. i bought it on etsy late one night last week after quite a bit of wine, and now i'm obsessed with it. we went to a wolfmother/heartless bastards concert that night, and it was unseasonably warm - like ridiculously so - and i wore some denim cutoffs, one of sam's plaid shirts and my new favorite accessory.

and for today, a skirt i haven't pulled out in a while. i bought it on sale at anthropologie but by the time i got to it they were out of my size; i've taken it in an inch or two since i wore it last so that it fits a bit higher up on the waist, which is how i seem to be wearing everything these days.

shirt: very old, from express
skirt: anthropologie
socks: american apparel
shoes: nine west

debating going out tonight or hermiting it up in my apartment and baking all night long. french pastries are a dangerous addiction, folks. don't get mixed up in this shit.

xo audrey

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

accidental wonder woman

yesterday i did a big organization overhaul, and in the midst of the cleaning i found a very bright red lipstick i had to wear in a shoot for work a couple years ago. at the time i thought it hideously bright; but i've been searching for a perfect shade of red lipstick lately, and i now absolutely adore it.

shirt: vintage, etsy
skirt: american apparel
shoes: jeffrey campbell
belt: vintage, thrifted

i find that i accidentally dress like wonder woman about once every two weeks. the worst case of it is probably this one. i'd originally had on cowboy boots with this outfit but that seemed just a tad too superhero for my tastes.

been baking up a storm lately: fresh country bread, pumpkin cinnamon raisin rolls, blackberry and blueberry clafoutis, and white chocolate blueberry cookies in the last couple of days.

more soon to come, and much love until then -

xo audrey

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

what i (actually) wore

well, a peek at the weather made no tights somewhat unrealistic, and the intense discomfort of those boots paired with the fact that i planned on walking the 2 miles to dumbo kind of knocked those out, too. i never really take photos in all my winter gear, so here's one: what i actually wore out the door.

dress: same as before
belt: not pictured but there
hat: old, purchased in ireland in the 80s
coat: anthropologie
gloves: who knows
shoes: pour la victoire
tights: dkny

and this is why i don't look at the camera. i look like a total creeper.

and i'm off! sushi dinner and a nice early goodnight, i hope.

xo audrey


hallo! today i bring you a post made up of things that have been lying around my apartment - either in my fridge or the back of my closet - for some time now.

i got home from job hunting at around 7:00 pm, a bit chilled, tired, and starving. i set out to use some of the copious amounts of leftover food in the refrigerator after days on end of cooking meals from scratch. the first course was easy enough: a variation on the carrot soup recipe i posted a couple of weeks ago. i made a big batch this weekend and had plenty left over, so i reheated one portion on the stove, added some balled and sliced granny smith apple, and set that aside. next to use up the rest of the apple, some of the cheeses taking up space in the fridge after a (very disappointing) lasagna last week, and some wheat sourdough bread about to go bad. sautéed the bread, added ricotta, prosciutto, tomato, and granny smith apples, and voila! a nice little soup and sandwich combo. i added a hard pear cider for good measure.

post-dinner i retreated into my bedroom for some reading until my friend amy arrived from portland. in new york for one night only for work, we spent the evening drinking wine. . . plenty of it. . . and chatting until she had to head to her hotel. as a strange result of this copious wine consumption, i woke up this morning and checked my email to discover that i had somehow purchased a raccoon-tailed hat off etsy late last night. i have no regrets.

today a dress i bought almost a year ago at a pop-up flea market in chelsea; a belt i bought at urban outfitters that has but once seen the light of day; and a hat i picked up at an odd shop in my neighborhood and can't quite figure out what to do with. it perches on my head in such a way that it kind of looks like a bonnet; i considered naming this post "little miss muffet" because that's what i feel like in it.

dress: flea market
belt: UO
shoes: alice and olivia for payless
hat: small antique store in fort greene

i'm out again to paper brooklyn with my resumé. have a lovely afternoon, everyone!

xo audrey

Monday, November 2, 2009

dreams for sale

okay, that sounds super sad. it really isn't. but i bought this dress months ago after salivating over it for a few weeks; it's beautiful in person, but i've only worn it once or twice and i just never liked it in person as much as i did on the model. (go figure.) it wasn't cheap, so i want to just put it out there that i'm willing to sell and see if there are any takers. it's the beaut seen here:

and here:

it's a size small, and it has an elastic waist so there's plenty of room for a good fit. there is a bit of fraying on the pleated silk in the front, but it really doesn't detract from the dress; other than that, it's as good as new.

if you're interested, email me ( or leave a comment.

xo audrey

the ground on which i walk and the roof over my head

i keep talking about how much i love my apartment. i am not a skilled enough photographer to take beautiful photos of the entire space, but one of my favorite things about the apartment (which is quite old) is the tin ceilings and different floors. almost every room has a different pattern on the ceiling and the floors are so tattered but absolutely gorgeous.

i'm off to union square for coffee with rachel of glasses glasses. ttfn!

xo audrey

clad in plaid

monday, monday. had to wake up briefly this morning at the ungodly hour of 6 am to help sam out the door; i pretty promptly fell back asleep until about 10 am, woke up, had some cereal and coffee and a few pages of john lennon: the life, a brick of a book that i'm about halfway through and can't get enough of. if you are any kind of beatles fan, or just like a well-written biography (a rare enough book, in my experience) i can't recommend it enough.

after posting yesterday i had a nice supper of falafel with all the fixings and then settled down with a nice belgian beer, my boy and big trouble in little china. i know i can't shut up about how good life is, but man, domestic bliss is kind of awesome. i love my apartment and i've become such a homebody lately, but in a way that somehow doesn't feel sad or lame. i am very ready for winter and the excuse to sequester myself in my cosy apartment for a couple of months.

shirt: actually a dress, by esley, i bought it in portland (you can see the full thing here)
skirt: bought from that amazing thrift store outside of philly
belt: also from said thrift store
necklace: ebay
bow tie: one of my shoe clips
shoes: devotte
socks: american apparel

today i'm sending off resumés to as many restaurants as i can find via my school jobs board, then making a list of dream bakeries in brooklyn, the plan being to stop in personally and attempt to charm them into giving me a job. this couple of months of worklessness has been fun, no doubt, but it's time to wake up from the fairy tale and get back to real life.

currently jamming to mayer hawthorne, passed on to me by a good chicago friend. great, motown-y sound with a more modern edge; two thumbs up. to summarize, i recommend reading the john lennon biography, perhaps while listening to mayer hawthorne, drinking duvel and watching big trouble in little china. you won't be disappointed.

until tomorrow,

xo audrey

Sunday, November 1, 2009

a zebra can't change its stripes

hello and happy fallback morning! did anyone else not have a clue the time changed last night? sam and i had set an alarm for ten am (pretty standard for a weekend morning) which we usually snooze for at least an hour before actually arising, but this morning it seemed really easy to get up and get the coffee going. now i know why.

it couldn't hurt that our night last night was a pretty tame one. i grew up without trick-or-treating - my parents thought of halloween as "the devil's day" and we were forbidden from getting dressed up and partaking in the all-important childhood ritual; as a result i still have a rather sour taste in my mouth for halloween, and it seems i skipped the years of my life when i could have been something fun like a disney princess or the empire state building and skipped to being surrounded by peers dressed as a slutty ________. last night at a party there was a girl dressed as a slutty troll doll.

but, in the spirit of the hoiday, i went through my closet in search of an idea for a costume. i'd debated being a 60's stewardess, rita from arrested development, and betty draper; in the end i decided to keep it simple, and go as a zebra.

jumpsuit: h&m
tail: a sock and a few pieces of an old stocking
shoes: enzo angliolini

i didn't have a short sock and my ears were a bit too pointy so i think i may have ended up looking more like a cat. one guy at the party said i look like hobbes (of calvin & hobbes)'s sister. i kind of liked that.

sorry, again, for my infrequent postings: excuses include that the light was out in my dressing room and i couldn't figure out how to change it (seriously) and that my wisdom teeth are coming in and i. am. dying.

much love!

xo audrey