Friday, January 30, 2009

glasses glasses

i ordered glasses! finally! i'm not sure how many of you know this, but i pretty much stumble around the world half-blind. i haven't ever been able to find glasses that i was really comfortable in. i hope these are the magic frames.

also bought some more impractical boots. there was a really gross day in new york a couple of days ago, and i thought to myself, audrey, it is time to buy some real boots. some winter boots. some gd snowboots. but i couldn't find any i liked, so i bought these instead.

both should come next week. i'll see and walk like new! hope everyone has a fun weekend. if anyone in NYC wants to hit up the brooklyn flea market with yours truly tomorrow, holler!

xo audrey

Thursday, January 29, 2009

i'll show you how i cook up summer in the winterrr

by wearing short shorts in january! and peep toed shoes! and short sleeved shirts! the truth of the matter is i simply do not own enough practical/warm clothing to dress for the winter, so i just layer coats and tights on and change shoes once i arrive at work. so although i may look like i am dressed unreasonably, i am perfectly warm on my walk to work, aided of course by my dance moves as i have been listening to the go! team for the last 12 hours, and they make me shake. not in a cold way.

we have a research project for school - and i am a total nerd, because i am actually really excited about it. i can't remember the last time i had HOMEWORK! i have to write a one-page paper about a fruit, and give a 5 minute presentation on it. i decided to do the miracle fruit, and i ordered a bunch of pills today so everyone can try it as part of my talk. i hope they come in time. i wonder if the chef will let me serve everyone guinness. if you haven't tried this "miracle fruit," you really must. it basically temporarily changes your tastebuds (how exactly is still not known) so that sour tastes sweet - for example, if you eat the berry and then bite a lemon, it tastes like the sweetest lemonade you've ever tasted. granny smith apples are almost TOO sweet. guinness tastes like a chocolate milkshake. etc.

speaking of school, i had another test yesterday; i can't be totally sure how i did, but i feel really good about it. i love life right now. going to school is the best thing i've done for myself in recent (or heck, even distant) memory.


yes, i am horrifyingly pale. yes, i have red wine lips that won't quit (unless, i suppose, i stop drinking red wine. never!) yes, the picture is blurry. i'm sorry. i kind of phoned it in this morning.

shirt: anthropologie. actually a gift to my mom that she felt was too "young" for her. oops, and yay.
belt: thrifted from salvation army
shorts: american apparel
tights: mom's old jazzercise tights
shoes: payless

hope everyone has a lovely thursday. i'm taking part in a photo shoot this evening to be in glasses glasses, my roommate's beautiful online magazine. the theme of the new issue is "his and hers."

xo audrey

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

yesterday, today

i took photos yesterday but didn't have time to post them, somehow, even though i was here until 8:00. today i have a big test for class so i am getting this out of the way now and going to try to study for a little while before tackling some expense reports. huzzah work!


dog: watson, a have boston have frenchie belonging to huy, who i work with. SO SWEET. it's love.
shirt: gap circa 1999
skirt: american apparel
belt: anthropologie
leggings (under tights): american apparel
tights: anthropologie
boots: vintage, etsy

dress: american apparel
jacket: vintage, thrifted
belt: vintage, mom's
necklace: gift from rachel
leggings: american apparel
tights: anthropologie
shoes: DSW

currently listening to: holy dances, by beach house
it is ethereal.

xo audrey

Monday, January 26, 2009

monday, monday

good morning everyone!

hope everyone had a good weekend. i am actually kind of relieved it is over. it was a fun weekend, don't get me wrong, but very late-night and alcohol-filled, and i'm happy to go back to work and school and maybe, hopefully, get a decent night's sleep or two.

i spent last night, by far the quietest of the three, in queens at my friends chris and john's apartment. i made us meatballs, john made sauce, and i brought some pastry from last week's class (a jalousie, which is puff pastry with almond cream and a raspberry/apple compote inside, if you were wondering) and the three of us along with a few other friends sat around and ate and ate and drank wine and beer and coffee and smoked and it was lovely. i sat and sewed a glove to a shirt; i lost one of my gloves a month or two ago, and they were really gorgeous gloves so i've been trying to figure out what i could do with it: it's a little odd, but here it is!

shirt: american apparel, glove is from filene's basement. i just cut it along the seams to make two gloves and sewed it on by hand.
pants: anthropologie

i guess that's really it today. i'll probably hop over to the other blog and gab about my weekend there. highlights: dancing at black betty! sleeping on my doorstep at 5:00 am! drinking two jugs of wine at lodge and falling asleep on jared! stay tuned!

xo audrey

Friday, January 23, 2009

pitch design union

hello friends!

i am wearing a dress i wear all the time, but i have a couple new accessories to show:

the shoes aren't new, but i've never been able to take a real picture of them because i never had a camera, until now! the belt my mom gave me when i was home for christmas. it is old old old.

more exciting, my friend margot who has a beautiful website called pitch design union asked me to do a fashion-related guest post, and it is up today! take a look, and keep on looking - her posts are absolutely perfect, i find every one to be something fascinating, gorgeous, inspiring, or all three.

hope everyone has a lovely weekend! mine is absolutely jam-packed, in the best possible way.

xo audrey

Thursday, January 22, 2009

i got all my digits

hello! happy thursday! i almost cut off a pinkie in culinary school yesterday, so i am delighted to be typing this with all ten (albeit on heavily bandaged) fingers.

ah, culinary school. it has really become the highlight of my week, and that isn't because the rest of my week is dismal - there is nowhere else where i feel so completely myself, so comfortable, so happy. i feel like i've finally found my niche. it's a beautiful thing.

my camera came today!!! so i am going to have to figure out how to set a timer and find a place in my apartment to take full-length shots. i am extremely excited. i've spent a lot of time walking around williamsburg lately and the place is just screaming to be photographed. i'll do my best.

anyway, for thursday, january 22, 2009:

shirt: bought at urban on sale, embroidered this weekend my moi
shorts: akira chicago
tights: one pair of leggings from urban, a blue pair from, and the grey are from anthropologie
shoes: payless
necklace: a gift from rachel

more soon...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

at last

i had to post this. the train on beyonce's dress alone makes it fashion-worthy, so it's relevant, and anyway it is absolutely a beautiful, sweet moment. i like it when barack spins michelle and she gives the audience a shrug like "what is he trying to do here?" anyways, watch, if you want, and be prepared to tear up.

my eyebrows are beginning to resemble caterpillars

but i can't find my tweezers anywhere. so i think maybe i'll just work on a brooke shields in the 80s thing. until i find the tweezers, at least.

had a long and lovely weekend. lots of sleeping and probably too much drinking. i know a bunch of people that have quit smoking/ are taking a drinking hiatus for the new year, and i wish i wanted to do that badly enough to do it. . . i just don't.

anywaaaays, i took up a new hobby this weekend: creweling. it is similar to embroidery but there are a bunch of different stitches you can use, and it's a bit more free-form. i creweled a shirt and have started on a skirt, and even though it is totally dorky, i really like the way they are turning out. i'll wear the shirt tomorrow and show ya.

until then, pretty tame today:

dress: forever 21
sweater: gap
belt: anthropologie
tights: am apparel
shoes: thrifted in chicago (erika was there!)
necklace: belonged to my mama

and my tattoo has healed at last! it is still such a novelty to me. i like.

class tonight for the first time since friday! we are making chocolate puff pastry. oh! and i broke down and ordered a digital camera. i was able to get what i think and hope is a really good one for a little over $100 on amazon - an 8.1 megapixel panasonic lumix with a leica lens. actually, if anyone reading this knows anything about cameras, please tell me if this was a good decision or not. it was rather impulsive.

happy hump day! i hope everyone caught at least a few minutes of the inaugural parade last night. it was maybe the most joyful thing i've ever seen.

xo audrey

Thursday, January 8, 2009

on this day i wear pajamas

my dad sometimes pronounces them pie-amas. anyways.

is it just me or has this week back to work been ROUGH?! i don't know if my sleep schedule is just off from being on vacation/traveling for the last couple of weeks, but waking up has been damn near impossible. today i woke up 15 minutes before i have to be at work - and it was the most time i've had to get ready all week. i am a scummo.

as such, i wore my pajama top to work today. that's right, i snuck a bra and some deodorant under the sleeves, slipped on a ring and some wide-leg pants and went in to work. i am comfortable, though. boy am i.

shirt: pjs by victorias secret
pants: anthropologie
boots: irregular choice
ring: forever 21

one more style blog to leave you with today: sea of shoes. this is a 16 year old girl who lives in texas and whose parents must make a bajillion dollars a year. everything she wears is designer therefore completely unattainable, but fun to look at. an example:

notable: she goes to a private school, and has to wear a uniform, so i guess she only gets to wear her fabulous clothes in the free-minutes zone of nights and weekends.

xo audrey

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

girls in dresses

again, nothing new today - i altered a shirt yesterday, making it a v-neck and adding some ruffles, but when i tried it on this morning it looked RIDICULOUS. it needs some more work. hopefully it will be wearable soon. i am going for something like this:

this is from what is probably favorite fashion blog these days, garance doré. many of the entries are written in french, but it really doesn't matter; this blog makes france out to be a nation inhabited entirely by well-dressed, perfectly coiffed and glowing-skinned models.

instead of new things, here are some dress-up photos from my trip to chicago. dee took most of the photos, although i took the ones of her and ness.

erika and vanessa play dress up in my dresses

dee and vanessa get ready for new years


that's all for now. . .

xo audrey

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

nothing new today

but i thought i'd share a couple of etsy stores i came across last night while struggling to sleep.

#1 persephone vintage
absolutely stunning, flawlessly chosen vintage items. they do run a bit pricey. i currently lust after a jacket that i'm not even sure i would have the guts to wear, although i guess that one of the perks of living in new york is that no one would look twice:

another favorite:

#2 sophistikate
this shop is great because most things are around $20 or less, although all of the cutest shoes are way too small for me (thus, i feel safe sharing.) she also has a sister store of antique household items.

only $34:

if it works, it's well worth the $36:

happy shopping.

Monday, January 5, 2009

not feeling so hot

i had to get a couple vaccinations today, and i am feeling pretty woozy, so i am going to keep this short and sweet.

dress: tulle online,
sweater: gap
belt: anthropologie
tights: anthropologie
ring (hard to see): forever 21

i want to sleep now.

xo audrey