Wednesday, July 22, 2015


hello everyone! i almost feel guilty taking back to this long-neglected blog to shill for myself, but here it goes: i've decided to start an instagram page dedicated to selling vintage & boutique designer clothing, shoes & accessories that i no longer have the occasion to wear. (turns out spending 60 hours a week in a bakery makes 50-year-old dresses really impractical.) you can follow the account @homerunballerinashop.

on another note, i'm determined to take up blogging again, although i think i'll do it on a new site - it'll be more food-focused, lots of stuff about the bakery, and less style-bloggy, since i mostly wear comfy pants, madewell t-shirts and even (gasp!) croc clogs these days.  i'll be sure to post here when i get that up and running.

thank you all for reading, and for all your kind words over the years - it really does mean the world to me.

xo audrey