Friday, October 31, 2008

agyness etc.

good morning and happy halloween! i have never been big on this holiday - i'm not really one for clever costumes, and i hate spending money on wigs and shit when i'm only ever going to wear it once a year, if that. so i usually kind of half-ass it and wear my own clothes and say i'm a hippie or whatever.

this year i'm doing the same but having a bit more fun with it. i decided to be agyness deyn:

the last time i was in chicago me and dee went to this amazing thrift store that her friend owns and i found this dress. and i love it but it isn't the most versatile piece of clothing. so this gives me the excuse to wear it.

dress: i can't remember the name of dee's friend's shop. . . it was near chicago and wood.
shoes: forever 21

hope everyone has a fun, safe night. i, for one, will be going to a friend's house, drinking wine, inhaling herbs and ordering in chinese food. i may traipse over to a gay bar afterwards to do some dancing to madonna. we'll see.



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

to add to the scumbaggery

i just want to note that the "eyeliner" i am wearing was drawn on with a pilot felt-tip pen when i got to work this morning.

this one's for amy

to prove that i do have jeans and t-shirt, just rolled outta bed, dirty-hair days. . . i just don't take pictures of them.

t-shirt: dk by american apparel, i made it a v-neck
pants: american apparel
hair/face: slept on my friend's couch last night like a scumbag

love you guys!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


gah, behind again. i had a crazy week of work last week, as we had a huge gallery opening/party on thursday that i planned much of. it did, however, give me an excuse to wear this:

the dress i thrifted years ago in a thrift store in roscoe village. it was floor length but dee hemmed it up for me and now it's a fabulous little frock. actually, dee plays a part in every outfit this week! let's continue.

all of the designers in the office brought in personal work to hang around the office, all the guys in bands played, there were about 400 people and every one of them was trashed.

sam is in town this week and i have been going out too late and drinking too much, so i think in the following couple of photos i look a little rough around the edges. ah well. here's tuesday:

shirt: old navy
brooch: borrowed from dee (dee, i'm sending it back, i promise)
romper: dalaga, this awesome boutique in greenpoint
shoes you can't see, but they are these amazing iridescent pink barbie shoes i found at forever 21 for $10.

aaaaand this morning:

this outfit sponsored entirely by dee.

dress: dee gave to me when i was in chicago this weekend
brooch: yep, also dee's
tights: american apparel
belt: thrifted

that's all for now! hope everyone is having a good week!

xo audrey

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


so, i chopped off basically all my hair yesterday. so far the comparisons have been: the obvious mia farrow, madonna in her rain music video, and angelina jolie. . . in hackers. hey, any angelina jolie reference, i will gladly take.

anyway, i've cut my hair pretty short before but this is definitely the shortest; i want to like it really bad but i am still kind of shell shocked by it. if nothing else, i have decided it gives me an excuse to wear unprecedented amounts of eye makeup. i am incredibly paranoid about being mistaken for a lesbian. i know this is really stupid. but like today i am wearing this kind of oversized button down shirt and jeans and i have this haircut and i found myself walking to work thinking, don't even look at any girls or they are totally going to think you want them. it's really silly. and it really doesn't even matter. but short hair makes me feel so damn vulnerable!

so, anyway, here it is. i have to figure out exactly how i'm going to do it, not that i have a lot of options, but i could kind of muss it or do it really cleanly. i'm looking forward to a month or so from now when it's grown up enough that it's very pixie-ish and i can actually kind of style it a bit. but for now, it is what it is.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

proof that there are still good people in this world

some anonymous stranger sent my wallet back to me. they even paid to have it priority mailed to me. how wonderful is that?


good morning! and happy yom kippur! tonight i will break the fast (the fast i never started) with rachel at our friend jaime's place. should be nice. until then i am sneaking in a viewing of last night's project runway at work. i must know who gets cut! personally, i think jerrell's collection is blah. leanne's is my favorite. very cute.


shirt: american apparel
skirt: american apparel
belt: thrifted at renegade
necklace: erica weiner, of course

another fashion site i check from time to time is it's all pretty outrageous outfits taken in and around helsinki. sample outfit:

i love the inspirations people list as well. this one has a nicely placed chicago shout out!

xo audrey

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

tuesday + wednesday

monday i cheated and wore an outfit i already wore on here. although, really, how long can one be expected to get dressed for work without wearing a repeat outfit?


shirt: old, old ann taylor, i think from the eighties. it was my mom's. it used to be perfectly oversized but then i freakin' washed it and now it is imperfectly too small.

jeans: andrea goldschmieds, purchased at anthropologie and altered by me

belt: got it at renegade this year for $5 from this really sweet girl

necklace: that erica weiner, i can't stop!


dress: was my mom's. not sure where it's from.

very tall socks: american apparel

i get another free haircut! got stopped coming off the train yesterday and asked if i wanted to be a bumble & bumble hair model. i go in next monday. life is good.

xo audrey

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


i have been taking photos but too lazy to post them for the last few days. a quick rundown of the week so far:


tube dress thing: american apparel
shirt: old navy
belt: salvation army
neckalce: mama's


shirt: etsy'd
shorts: akira chicago
harmonica neckalce: erica weiner


shirt: american apparel
suit jacket: vintage calvin klein. haha vintage. by vintage i mean like 6 years old.
pants: gap, like 4 years ago. i bought them wide and made 'em skinny. doin' what i do.
shoe: bandolino via dsw
bird chasing airplane necklace: erica weiner
crazed look in my eyes: not really sure. tired?

loving you all! i'll start writing more soon, but work has been busy for a [very welcome] change.

the culinary school countdown begins! 7 weeks and two days.