Wednesday, September 30, 2009


i am in the process of moving in to my new place. i went to target this morning for some essentials and then spent the afternoon putting things away and the evening scrubbing the walls. the place is so charming, in an older building with lots of great details like tin ceilings and built in shelving but also very dusty nooks and crannies.

most of my stuff is still in storage (it's all being delivered tomorrow,) hangers included, but i bought a 20 pack today so i could at least hang up a few things that i felt deserved it.

anyway, i've got tons left to do and a long day ahead tomorrow, so ttfn.

xo audrey

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i have

i have decided to stay in new york.

i have to find a job.

i have to pack my room to put it in a car tonight.

i have to figure out how to get my bike from there to here.

i have the sniffles but also a smile.

i have a new haircut.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


hi everyone!

again i have to open with an apology. in my defense i haven't stayed at my own apartment in almost a week, and living out of a suitcase is not so conducive to new outfits. also my hair desperately needs a chop. i haven't gotten in cut since new years, and even that was just a trim; with the summer ending and the humidity fading, my hair isn't curling anymore so much as poofing straight out from my head and falling in my face. most of it is still just barely too short for a ponytail and it's just so awkward. i'm contemplating a cut today.

so basically, as to why i've been blogging less, i feel like i owe you guys a bit of an explanation since you all know i don't really have a job at the moment and it's summer and really there's no good reason i shouldn't be able to at least muster the inspiration to do a post every couple of days or so. without getting too personal (i try to avoid that on here just because,) i met a boy a few weeks ago and am deliriously happy and have basically been with him every moment possible, including trips to connecticut, the jersey shore, and currently boston. his name is sam, he is the best, and that's all i'll say about that for now. so, sorry i've been so lazy, but when you're so blissed out it can be hard to drag yourself away to sit in front of a computer.

also i've had a shitty cold for a few days (and still do) and don't really feel like trying. i'm sucking it up because i realized it had been almost ten days since i'd last posted.

and speaking of living out of a suitcase, we're in boston staying with a couple of his friends for most of the week so i'm doing just that. don't be too hard on this outfit; it's hot here and i am low on clothes i haven't posted recently (that sequined top is hard to deny when it's in your bag.) ridiculous though it may be, here's what i'm wearing today, before i hop on a bike and he on a skateboard and ride until we find some grass to lay on. how great is life?

top: victoria's secret (this may or may not be the nightgown i wore to bed last night. and the night before)
shorts: american apparel
shoes: etsy
ribbon: artists and fleas

i still have so much posting and catching up to do from the conference. most of my booty from the sponsors is at dear christine of my style pill's place, so i have to swing over before i get to that stuff. but it's coming.

happy thursday!

xo audrey

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


hi everyone! remember me? i'm so sorry i've been such a failure at blogging lately. i mentioned life being crazy. it has gotten so much crazier. i am sitting on my own bed in daylight for the first time in over a week, so i am finally able to snap an outfit photo and write a little something.

i guess i can start from this weekend and work my way back. yesterday, class. third to last before i graduate on thursday. it was semi-successful. i go back this afternoon to try to wrap most of it up.

saturday and sunday, connecticut. beautiful. blissful. i'm going to leave that a little ambiguous for now.

the past week in chicago was pretty productive and a lot of fun. i found an apartment, interviewed for my job and clenched the thing (fingers crossed, i should get the call this week.) played too much beatles rock band. ate at my favorite sushi place which was nowhere near as awesome as i remembered. made eggs on a motorcycle in the mornings with my friend michael, whom i was staying with. the weather was gorgeous and i was able to ride my bike for the first time and coasting down the side streets of wicker park made me remember just how much i absolutely love that city. the closer it comes, the more terrified i am to leave everything i have in new york, but the past week re-confirmed for me how much the city fits. it feels so right on me.

and before that, the weardrobe conference!! i'm pretty bummed because i had to miss quite a bit of it, due to class and my chicago trip, but what i made it to was absolutely incredible. i'll be doing a lot of shouting out to the amazing sponsors who donated so much to the weekend - i was really blown away by the generosity and creativity of all the companies.

and i acquired the elements for my new favorite outfit ever. this shirt weighs about 20 pounds; i picked it up at artists and fleas on saturday with all the girls from the conference. the jeans were part of a diy project sponsored by pac sun - we all got to pick a pair of jeans and do to them what they will. i'm not much of a stud-wearer (or jeans wearer for that matter) so i cut them into little shorts and sewed some buttons on them (courtesy of the style magnet.)

shirt: corvus noir at artists and fleas
shorts: pac sun (DIY'd)
boots: 80%20

okay, i have to do some laundry, drink some coffee and head to class. hope everyone's week has been as glorious as mine!

xo audrey

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

snow white

i found a bird on the sidewalk today that was totally unafraid of me. it wasn't hurt or anything; just friendly. if i had a home to take it to, i'd-a taken it with me.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

up a creek without a paddle

epic blogging fail: i left for chicago sunday morning and forgot my camera charger. fail #2: i left the camera on in my purse so i can't even upload the ones i'd taken before it died. so i'm going to search high and low for someone in chicago with a lumix charger they're willing to lend me (readers, if you're out there, i will buy you a drink for some battery juice) and until then, this is my weak excuse for a post.

the weardrobe conference was absolutely incredible. i feel so completely lucky to have been included in the event. aside from the piles of free stuff that was bestowed on us, the complementary meals, etc, i got to meet 20 of the coolest girls of all time. lots of photos and details to follow, but i wanted to sign on to register my immense gratitude to all the folks at weardrobe for letting me be a part of something so rad.

the last couple of days have been a bit of a whirlwind, and i'm only in chicago for a few days to attempt to find an apartment; so please forgive my sporadic posting (and lack of outfits, which is absolutely KILLING me because i got so much fantastic stuff this weekend that i want to show off.) fortunately i have SOMETHING to post - the sweet folks at beautiful stranger posted an interview/featurette on me on their blog this morning. it's an older outfit but one of my favorites:

you can check out the interview here.

until we meet again. . .

xo audrey

Friday, September 4, 2009

going to the chapel

not me, no no, but in class yesterday we finished up our wedding cake project. the way the project works is that the class below us creates a wedding scenario: in this one, a japanese college student was marrying a tattoo artist, and they had an asian themed wedding. as such, i decided to play to my strengths and pipe a sumi-e style painting on my cake with chocolate. first i had to make the darn thing, fill the layers with green tea icing, crumb coat it, and cover it with white fondant. then i melted some chocolate, rolled a bunch of tiny piping bags ('cornets' to those in the kitchen) and painted a japanese-style landscape on the cake. i was pretty pleased with the result.

life has been absolutely upside-down crazy the last week. i feel like i haven't had a moment to breathe. it's been busy in the best way; things falling into place for the most part, but still definitely falling and i feel like taking my sanity with it. my final exams start tomorrow, i didn't get to sleep until 5 in the morning last night and i have a to-do list of about 88 things before i leave for chicago sunday afternoon, straight from the weardrobe conference. so i haven't been the best blogger. a quick catchup:


shirt/dress: h&m
socks: american apparel
shoes: 80%20


dress: urban outfitters
boots: aldo
hat: vintage from ebay

i have been on a vintage hat-buying binge lately. rather impractical but pretty fun.

and now, lovely readers, i gotta sleep. i am completely running on empty. so much more to come.

xo audrey

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

dr. shopaholic (or, how i learned to stop shopping and walk away from the herve leger.)

good morning! today's post is mostly a day of catch-up, as i have pretty much been going non-stop since sunday morning. that afternoon amy and i moseyed up to a mexican brunch place with unlimited mimosas (and terrible coffee, not the best tradeoff) and then headed to williamsburg to see grizzly bear and beach house. shit was crazy. i thought getting into girl talk the week before was insane; the line to see 'two weeks' live was at least 7 hipster-filled blocks long. so instead we loitered on the street for awhile, listening through the fence, then headed into union square so amy could do some proper new york city shopping, 5th avenue style. in fact, we spent so much time in anthropologie we didn't make it anywhere else; but amy got some cute tops and i bought a pair of circus pants.

fitting room fancy.

after they kicked us out of anthropologie, we went to pret a manger and got some sandwiches and salads and walked to the park and sat and talked and talked and talked. dear god, but i love this girl. i don't really consider myself a 'girl person' - i have a few girl friends whom i am very close with, because it is so rare for me to find a girl i feel like i can really connect with, but when you find a good one it's the best thing in the world. we packed up our goods and went to hotel delmano (brooklynites, if you haven't been here, do, it's fabulous,) and imbibed a few cocktails over some more great conversation. home, bed.

monday we woke up reasonably early (i for some reason woke at 7 and couldn't get back to bed, so i downloaded the new madmen and double-watched it like some kind of junkie) and walked to choice market around the corner from my place for fresh pastries and good coffee, then walked to the train and headed back into union square. j crew, banana republic, aldo, h&m, and several hundred dollars between us later, we staggered away from the stores with arms full of bags and once again had salad in the park before heading down to soho for red flower, which amy had been dying to visit, and a stop in a vintage designer shop where i fell in love with a herve leger that i can never, ever afford. i've been wanting to try one on forever, since seeing them on gilt a few months ago and how fabulously tight they are while still (somehow) being so flattering. so i tried one on and snapped a sneaky (somewhat blurred) dressing room photo.

on the left, the herve leger. drool. it fit like a glove. and on the right, a near miss at h&m; i felt a little bit too much like a rollerdisco girl. i may go back and rescue it later.

finally, what i actually wore:
pants: anthropologie
sweater: gap
necklace: bluberi brooklyn
pants: devotte
belt: anthropologie

i felt a bit like a gap model than usual yesterday. wearing pants makes me feel like i'm going to a job interview, but it's been so perfectly fallish in new york that warmer clothes are kind of required. so many purchases this week (i really. have. to. stop.) that will be making cameos in the coming days.

and the countdown to the weardrobe conference! holy shit. this friday - monday; sadly i'll miss some of it due to class and my trip to chicago, but i am sooo pumped to meet everyone and see what they have in store for us.

until tomorrow,

xo audrey