Friday, April 24, 2009

thank g it's f

well, it wasn't pretty, the room-cleaning, but i did it. i even got new sheets and put them on my bed, although i think buying sheets with a pattern may have been a mistake; my room is about 8'x 8' and at this point basically functions as a glorified closet. i have nails every few inches on the longest wall and at least 2 dresses hanging from each, and my bookshelf holds no books but instead each cube is stuffed with a different color - yellow and brown tee shirts, sweaters, skirts, and blouses in one, denim in another. i should take pictures while it's all clean so you can get an idea of why a girl with lots of clothes shouldn't, despite popular opinion, live in new york city. i need a closet!!

in class tonight we start chocolates, which should be fun, although i have to admit i'm not much of a chocolate girl. more for my roommates! i think after i am going to force myself to go home and get a reasonable night's sleep - i have big plans for the weekend and i could use a quiet night at home.

detail shot of what this jacket can do:

sequined jacket: my favorite portland purchase. you can flip the gold sequins over to make silver! meaning you can write or draw on it. it's pretty incredible. and extremely loud.
shirt: gap
shorts: akira chicago
shoes: enzo angiolini
necklace: ebay

i hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! it is going to be in the 80s in the big apple this weekend so i'm breaking out the bare legs and summer dresses.

also, edit: i am wearing sheer pantyhose, too, that must be giving me a bit of color, because i am pretty sure i am not this tan.
xo audrey


  1. That is so amazing that you flip over the gold sequins to make them silver! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. I love how you can pull off a loud gold sequined jacket so wonderfully.

    Have fun with 80 degree weather and your busy weekend!

  2. I agree with Diane, that jacket is so cool!

    Have a great weekend!!