Wednesday, March 9, 2011


you know that feeling, when you are so tired you feel like you might throw up? yeah. that. i was up until nearly 4 am last night, but not doing any fun, normal 20-something things like dancing with friends or closing down a bar and grabbing a late night slice - no, i was busy caramelizing sugar for nougatine, tempering chocolate, mixing glaze, decorating cakes, and oh-so-carefully sprinkling edible stars here and there. 9 hours of work and three hours of sleep later, i'm at work, barely keeping my eyelids open, but feeling pretty darn proud of myself - tonight, i'll get to head to the bowery hotel and sip a cocktail while watching my creations be devoured. better still, my dad happens to be in town for the night, so he gets to see my hard work up close and personal. i'm pretty excited.

precisely three hours after hitting my pillow last night, my alarm went of this morning (of course, today of all days i had to come in to work an hour and a half early to let an electrician in!) and i did that thing where i lay in bed and tell myself that if i can decide what i'm going to wear before i get up, i can sleep an extra ten minutes. thankfully, despite being deliriously tired, my brain was still able to come up with an outfit that works, and happens to be darn comfortable to boot.

top: lilla p
skirt: american apparel
tights: hansel from basel
shoes: rachel comey
heart brooch:

i was fortunate enough to be asked to stop by the lilla p showroom yesterday to pick out some pieces to wear as i please; the clothing consists mostly of very comfy, well-made basics, in all sorts of colors. i naturally jumped to the psychotically bright colored part of the rack and quickly picked out a few pieces - this top is the first. i love a good, simple pattern, and i've found myself working a lot more red into my wardrobe recently. i'll be wearing more in the coming days - and hosting a giveaway of one of the pieces, so stay tuned!

okay. i need to chug some coffee and see if i can find some magic in the kitchen that will make my head stop feeling like it weighs about 80 pounds. i hope everyone has a wonderful wednesday - tomorrow, i promise lots of photos (and finally some details!) of the event!

xo audrey


  1. your chocolate dessert looks amazing! do you have a recipe?

  2. i do! i used this one, almost to the letter:

    so easy. he even includes a really helpful guide on how to temper chocolate, which is super helpful.

    the only difference is that i topped them, once dipped, with smoked sea salt, and cut them into squares while they were soft rather than just breaking them apart.

    thanks for reading! xo

  3. what an eclectic and fun outfit. You always have such great style, but you really nailed it here!

  4. This outfit is Really Fun ! I Love it. I know how you feel as far as being so tired you could throw up. I had one of those days this past weekend. Life can be so busy sometimes.

  5. Really love your outfit! It's so bright fun...would certainly be one of my cheer me up outfits! Especially love the tights!

  6. Love how much you've been blogging lately!!! Featured you on my blog today :)

  7. I love those tights! Great colourful style. Found out about your blog through Keiko's blog. :)