Monday, March 28, 2011

black & white & red all over

good morning! what a struggle to get out of bed this morning. sam and i journeyed back to the big apple late last night, leaving florida at 7 pm and 84 degrees and landing in new york at 10 pm and less than half that temperature. it was pretty brutal. we dragged ourselves home, sorted through some mail, i fell asleep with my suitcase still in the hallway. i am a weary traveler indeed.

the trip was lovely, though. it was pretty amazing to get a week of summer right in the middle of what has to have been the longest winter since i moved to the east coast - we didn't have a cloudy day, nor one cooler than 80 or so. just what we needed. a typical day in florida: wake at 10 am for bagels and fresh squeezed tangerine juice, from the tree out back; float in the pool for a couple hours while reading vanity fair; head to whole foods to pick up fresh fish and wine for dinner; come home, pour wine, float in pool some more; start dinner while watching basketball, drinking wine, and chatting with family; sit down for a feast, more wine, and more chatting. repeat. we weren't much for sight-seeing, and i think 90% of the time we left the house it was to go to the supermarket - but i got to cook every night of the week, which is my favorite thing in the world (meals included fried shrimp and fresh basil pasta with crab meat, grouper fish tacos, dijon and panko-coated rack of lamb with couscous and fried green tomatoes, homemade key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, etc, etc.) i even got a little bit of color, which is quite the accomplishment for me.


so the trip was restful and wonderful, but i'm glad to be back in new york, in my own apartment, with my own super-soft pillows to sleep on. the wedding is REALLY sneaking up on me, too, so i'm kind of relieved to be back and have a quiet week ahead to (hopefully) start to hammer out some of the little details.

one of the first days we spent in florida, sam and i tried to head down to marco island to take a charter boat out for the day - sadly, it's busy season there, and the boats were all full, so we consoled ourselves with a trip to the thrift store across the street - and it was a goldmine. i picked up a lot of great costume jewelry, and this dress, along with a couple other pieces.


black and white is usually not my bag, but i loved the simple pattern of this - and it's a perfect excuse to bust out these tights for what i'm hoping is the last time before it's too warm.

dress: thrifted
tights: welovecolors
shoes: madewell
belt: thrifted

the first day back at work means a pile of things to get through, so i'm off for now - but more pictures from florida (and more new clothes!) to come!

xo audrey


  1. what a great find! The different directions of the stripes is unique and flattering

    Good luck with your wedding planning this week :P

  2. oh my gawsh your outfit is amazing.

    fresh squeezed tangerine juice from trees outside?! also amazing.

  3. Your dress is so cool, but I'm lusting over those tights. They are heaven. I'm ordering some right now! Love the way you put your outfit together--red yellow black and white is such a unique and surprisingly put together combination. Love.

  4. This is the most wonderful outfit! I'm just in love with it.

    And your vacation sounds perfect. Those are my favorite kinds of trips. No goals, just lots of food, wine, and conversation.

  5. thank you guys! i'm struggling with the light in my kitchen. i might have to stop being a wuss and start taking my photos outside and, heaven forbid, in PUBLIC.

    the adjustment back to reality is not going well. haha. gg, i hope you found the website? i was lazy with my links yesterday. i LOVE welovecolors - most high quality tights, too. those are like the only pair i have that have never caught a snag.

  6. Yeah, pretty much that entire outfit is amazing. :)

  7. black & white is one of my fave combos. luv how u mixed the patterns with the pop of red shoes & belt.