Thursday, March 24, 2011

florida oranges

hello everyone! i hope you're all enjoying your weeks, although from the looks of the weather reports almost everywhere else in the country, that doesn't seem likely. just a quick dispatch from sunny florida - sam and i are on vacation with both of our families and it has been glor-i-ous - there is a tangerine tree in the backyard, so we've been having fresh squeezed juice every morning with our bagels, and i've spent most of my time floating in the pool and reading vanity fair. (you'd think this would mean i'd have a decent tan by now, but alas, no.)

i was given these nine west espadrilles just before decamping for the far south, and they are absolutely perrrrfect for this weather! inspired by my surroundings, the sunshine, and the fresh fruit we've been enjoying every morning, i put together an in totally citrus shades.



see? pasty, pasty, pasty.

shorts: j crew
shirt: lilla p
swimsuit: gifted
shoes: courtesy of nine west

anything that makes my legs appear to be something besides short little stubs is okay in my book, and these shoes are super comfy, too. once summer finally comes to brooklyn, i'll be rocking them full-time.

i am absolutely LIVING in this lilla p shirt down here - so comfy and perfect - and the winner of this very shirt is LV of food fashion and flow. please get in touch with your name and mailing address to claim your prize!

i'm taking photos and mentally blogging the days away, so there will be much more to come when i have a minute to spare.

xo audrey


  1. Those colours are so great in this outfit!

  2. you look great! have an awesome vacation

  3. Those shoes RULE!!! haha love em. does "courtesy of" mean they gave them to you? that's pretty sweet.

  4. thanks guys! i miss this weather already. . . victoria, that's exactly what it means. i'm a pretty lucky gal.

  5. I've been looking for orange wedges! I love these, thanks for posting!

    Megan and Tricia