Friday, March 11, 2011

oh pleats

good morning! today was the first morning in memory where i didn't have to wear a coat! okay, i got some are-you-crazy looks on the subway, but 50 degrees is downright tropical as far as i'm concerned and i can't WAIT to get rid of the bulk of a winter coat for good. (well, until fall, anyway.) so i bundled up in a thrifted sweater, slipped into this comfy outfit, and headed in to work.

i've always loved pleating; such a beautiful texture, and the way it moves is just so stunning. perhaps my favorite part is the way it ripples at the end.

i've been saving this skirt for a warm enough day to not wear with tights - it's so soft and feels so good swishing against my legs.

top: j crew
necklace: vintage, thrifted for $1
skirt: american apparel
shoes: courtesy of aldo
i realized i've never posted a good photo of my rings. i wear them every day, so i don't really think of them as accessories but just part of me; they both mean a lot. my engagement ring (bottom) was sam's mom's (she's since upgraded,) the aquamarine was left to me by my grandmother.

tonight sam and i are scoping out a place to watch the big east semi finals - he's a uconn boy and his team beat the number one seed last night (does it sound like i know what i'm talking about? i don't!) so we're pretty pumped to see what happens when they play syracuse tonight. i actually genuinely love watching games of any kind, so i'm pretty psyched for a fun evening of beer and basketball.

and for the rest of the weekend i am looking forward to RELAXING. this week has been absolutely insane and exhausting in the best way, but i need some good r&r - and to finish my damn wedding invitations, for pete's sake!

hope everyone has a lovely weekend, and thanks so much for all the kind words of late!

xo audrey


  1. beeeautiful!!!! - gawsh, ok i'm so going to american apparel this skirt has been causing me envy on too many occasions.

    sorry to be comment stalking! i am just discovering your blog and loving it!

  2. I can't believe you don't have more readers... I just found your blog and it's beautiful, I love it. Your fashion choices are great and all the food looks amazing!