Monday, March 14, 2011

go green

good morning! i had a nice, restful (for the most part) weekend after the madness that was last week, which was exactly what i was hoping for. friday night i ran home, changed into jeans, and headed to the bar across the street to watch the uconn/syracuse game with sam; we made it through the first half before we decided we needed better food than our local mexican/chinese place could offer, so hurried across brooklyn during halftime to arrive at fatty cue, one of our favorite places to make complete pigs of ourselves. we planted ourselves at the bar and were probably the only people there who were actually watching the game as we gorged ourselves on two different kinds of ribs (pork and lamb,) toast with rendered fat for dipping, brisket bao, and tecate. we won our game, finished our beers, and headed home to bed.

saturday morning i woke up at a semi-reasonable hour and set about the arduous task of cleaning my room. now that i'm able to wear what i want to work every day, my floor is really suffering; the early morning try-on-and-discard is a terrible habit that i haven't been able to break in 25 years. i finally got it spiffed up, hemmed up a pair of jeans i picked up on friday (flares! for the first time since high school,) and then sam scored us a decent pair of tickets to the game that night at madison square gardens, so we grabbed a slice on the road and headed up to the insanity that is a building full of college basketball fans. i've never been super into basketball myself, but i've realized that i just like watching games of any kind, and once i start to learn about the players i'm pretty much hooked. sam graduated from uconn a few years ago, so with the knowledge he imparts about the players, i'm jumping out of my seat with the best of them within the first few minutes. they won this game too (the first team to win five games to become big east champions, if anyone's counting,) and once again we dragged ourselves home and promptly fell asleep.

yesterday we had brunch plans to meet a bunch of friends, one of whom recently moved to london; eggs benedict, about 8 cups of coffee, and 2 of rosé. sam and i headed back to brooklyn, caught a matinée, and then i finally sat down and started working on our wedding invites, which are (hallelujah) almost done!

top: lilla p
skirt: quail
tights: ?
shoes: UO with poofs by
sweater: gap
necklace: ebay

you can win this shirt! a perfect color & cut for spring. it is so comfy, so versatile - you can't tell here but it's nice and long, such a flattering cut. all you have to do is leave a comment, any comment!, AND let me know that you're following lilla p on twitter and have liked them on facebook. i'll let this contest go for a week, and announce the winner next tuesday.

today my plans include: eating nothing but salad after a completely gluttonous weekend, and [hopefully] finishing wedding invitations and starting to put them in the post.

hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

xo audrey


  1. Love this spring green colour!

  2. i did my wedding invites in this same color! GORGEOUS invites!!!! and Great color :)

  3. I love the invites! Especially the hanging banner between the trees.

  4. I love those cards!! they are so FUN! And I love the colors of your ready for spring!

  5. Great shirt!
    Liking on FB!!

    And beautiful cards - yo udo amazing work as always

  6. Awesome stuff! Love that you are posting more frequently now! Liked on FB & following on twitter...

  7. Love the beautiful green invites, absolutely beautiful and original.

  8. That is so springy and pretty. I'd love to win it:)

    And I'm following them on twitter and Facebook.

  9. Im following lilla p on twitter and have liked them on facebook. Lilla P is awesome!

  10. Gorgeous invites!

    (and I've just learned one of my favorite bloggers lives not too far away from me. I'm in Fort Greene.) :)

  11. love the color--so sunny! And I just liked on facebook!

  12. Done and done. The invitations are adorable!

  13. thanks so much everyone! they have been a real labor of love for sure. robin - no way! maybe we'll bump into each other at the grocery store or something, ha! if you see me please say hi (but be forewarned that i am super awkward in person, haha!)

  14. what artistically creative wedding invitations!