Thursday, March 31, 2011


last night was, hopefully, the last of coming home and sitting down to work. i've got about 4 more invitations to stuff, but i ran out of rsvp cards and envelopes last night, so i'm giving myself a little bit of a break and wrapping them up on saturday. i can't do one more night of takeout! tonight i have dinner plans with some friends to hit momofuku for the first time in quite a while, so i am fasting to make room for various kinds of pork and a couple glasses of wine.

j crew's fall lookbook is out, and i absolutely adore it. i'm more of a vintage girl at heart, but as a person who pretty much coats herself in color every day, j crew's bright hues and simple patterns are perfect to mix with the vintage pieces i love. here are some of my favorites: (you can see more here)


i am amused by the fact that many of the models bear a strong resemblance to jenna lyons. i am also realizing i should stop being such a dork about wearing my glasses and just do it. of course, these girls look much cooler in theirs than i do.

but anyway! my outfit for today, broken up into little pieces because i only got one photo that wasn't blurry. i REALLY have to figure out a better spot to take these.


i fell asleep on sam, watching the wire, with wet hair last night, so i had to do some urgent hair-spray and straightener work this morning. as a result my hair actually looks better than it ever has. go figure. this necklace was yet another florida thrift store find. i'll tell you what, florda = not so much for haute cuisine or nightlife, but a thrifter's dream!


this top is another thrifted find, this time up near sam's place in connecticut. the shorts are from a j crew outlet in new jersey.


tights are from HUE, in my favorite shade; these shoes - can you guess? - thrifted in florida. i wish the light in my place was better - they are incredible 60s gold shoes with little rhinestone embellishments. new favorites.

i suppose that's all from me today. i am plotting some major baking and cooking action for this weekend so i'll have something more exciting to post than me in clothes, which i am certainly bored of my now.

thanks for sticking with me, and i promise more soon!

xo audrey


  1. I love how that necklace looks against your striped top...nice!

  2. these colors are delicious in the catalog photos! what great Spring inspiration :) & of course your outfit is adorable

  3. i like the turnout of the pictures! those are lovely choices.

  4. I have developed a love for orange tones in fashion, it is such a striking hue. Love the pics, love this blog. I'll be back. Have a great day.