Wednesday, March 2, 2011

chop chop

so, that whole "i'm-growing-my-hair-long-for-the-wedding" thing?

gif animators
Gif animators

i gave up.


  1. I think it looks adorable!

  2. You look so lovely!! I get to that stage so often... I grow it and grow it and then its all gets boring and then it all gets chopped off!

  3. maybe you'll think it's a good thing later. it doesn't have to be very long to be styled. i just chopped off my long locks. i dragged it on for too long (pun intended) and now i kinda miss it. i'll be going shorter soon, i suspect. i love your short fringe.

  4. the animator had me looking & smiling.

    i cut my hair the dumbest way last week. chop end of ponytail.
    trim each time i returned to the mirror for evenness.

  5. thanks guys! it was an impulse move for sure, but i'm glad i did it.

    sarah - that's how i cut my bangs, always - drink a beer or two and then chop. and then continue to snip every time i look in the mirror. i keep a pair of scissors by my toothbrush for this very reason.