Tuesday, March 29, 2011

welcome to the jungle

i came home last night and, with the help of a friend, made some decent invitation progress, and downed about 3 pounds worth of crab rangoon and chicken lo mein.


i picked up this little gold giraffe pin for $3 in a thrift store in florida, and decided to combine it with the rhinestoned one i already had and start a giraffe brooch collection; sam says he hope it doesn't interfere with his money collection. har har.

dress: anna sui for anthropologie (on super sale!)
scalloped slip: thrifted
tights: hansel from basel
shoes: rachel comey
belt: thrifted
brooches: gold one thrifted, the other two from the best of everything

my brain feels empty today. right before getting on the plane to come home sunday night sam and i chugged a beer (don't judge,) and i spent the entirety of the flight with a burp painfully lodged in my chest - so i spent the entire 3 hours tarzan-pounding my sternum to try to make it escape (which it failed to do until we landed.) i looked insane, and now i have faint bruises all over my chest. oy.

well, i suppose that's all from me for now. we're out of half and half so i'm drying to choke down some black coffee so's my eyes will stay awake for the rest of the day.

until tomorrow,

xo audrey


  1. Money collection, awesome! I love the scalloped slip and scalloped tights together and the dress is really pretty!

  2. Loving those tights! I always forget about Handel from Basel. :)
    xo, Rah


  3. loooove!!! it looks so fun to wear!

  4. So I'm clicking through your site, and I'm thinking, "Yo, this girl is pretty cool...." and then I see the COLLECTION OF GIRAFFE BROOCHES.

    I have a weird fasincation with giraffes, and that just cemented your status as awesome. you just picked up a follower!


  5. audrey the way u mixed the patterns is delightful! anna sui is my fave designer.