Thursday, March 3, 2011

i'm just mad about saffron

this color once dominated my wardrobe, and is still one of my all-time favorites; it earned me the nickname "little bee" from one friend of mine (whom has since moved to rhode island and i miss dearly!)

this is what i wore today - i dragged myself home, ate some leftover fried rice, and worked on wedding invitations for awhile before leaning against my pantry wall to snap this real quick. so that slump is not affected. i am exhausted.

shorts & sweater: urban outfitters
top & scarf: j crew
tights: hansel from basel
shoes: some sketchy store in union square

until next time,

xo audrey


  1. you may be exhausted, but you look super pretty! :) Digging the color.

  2. I Really Love this color ! I also Love the shorts. Very Chic.

  3. How hilarious would it be if "some sketchy store in Union Square" was your sponsor!

  4. love love love the scalloped shorts + the scallop-y tights!!

  5. thanks everyone!! ai, i now want to mockup a fake ad to put on my site. hilarious.

  6. Love the colours and how the scalloping on the shorts match the design on your tights. -Angela

  7. i think those are my fave tights of yours!