Wednesday, March 2, 2011

hiya, stud[s]

so, quickly, some interesting news that will, hopefully, bode well for this blog. i recently decided to leave the bakery and get a more jobby-job. i love baking (obviously) and it's definitely still what i want to do with the rest of my life, but after a long time at baked (for some reason i never named it while i worked there - i guess i felt weird doing so, but it's a great place, and anyone in new york should check it out!) i felt a bit creatively stifled and, to be frank, financially challenged. ah, the food industry - home to so many passionate poor people. i'm a grown up now (i guess,) and i'm getting married soon (aaaaah!) and i decided it was time to start putting some serious money away, and getting weekends off for a change. thankfully, i am really happy in the office i ended up - it's a creative place, and i'm carving out a little catering niche for myself so i still get to bake on a nearly-daily basis.

the good news for the blog, though, is that a desk job at a creative office means wearing what i want every day, and ample time to blog about it! i missed the last couple of days, and this morning would have been comedic for any outsider to witness - me with my big ol' camera, propping it up and then posing, checking the shot, and trying a different space. i did try a couple in the utility closet for old time's sake, but it's a tight squeeze, so i'll have to figure out a way to shove myself in there. i was clearly uncomfortable trying this morning.

i've settled, for now, for a corner right behind my desk.

top: j crew
shorts: UO
shoes: rachel comey (care of lambs ear)
tights: both pairs by HUE
necklace: a mashup of chain from accessorize, locket from ebay, and shoe clip from devotte

i've been gravitating to all things embellished lately - i think it's an easy way for a pattern wuss like me to gently break into a bit of mixing and matching.

i've been making macarons for an order this week and was able to bring in the leftovers for my office to enjoy; both sam and i's waistlines will be very grateful that i finally have somewhere to bring my pastries.

until tomorrow,

xo audrey


  1. great look! those shoes are really fabulous and I love your doubled up tights :)

  2. so many amazing details with your ensemble (:

    absolutely gorgeous!

  3. i love everything about this outfit, from the embellished shoes to the layered tights to the bow necklace!

  4. i layer my tights sometimes too. what a cute ensemble.