Tuesday, March 15, 2011

thai yellow curry

last night i came home with a serious craving for curry. i'd been thinking about it all the way home, looking up recipes on my little iphone, so i stopped off at the grocery store (conveniently located right across the street) and grabbed a few things before heading home and getting down to business. i decided to make a thai yellow curry, and [vaguely] followed the recipe i found here. i added some stuff of my own, made substitutions where needed, and ended up with an absolutely delicious (if not entirely authentic) curry.


. . . which just so happens to match my outfit for today!






shirt & skirt: j crew
necklace: laura lombardi
belt: urban outfitters
tights: HUE
shoes: madewell

this week i'm dressing in a different monochrome every day, i've decided. yes.

until next time,

xo audrey

ps. i usually black out the background, but it matched too nicely in these photos so i decided to leave it in. this is my favorite place in my apartment - my kitchen. there is a pile of powdered sugar and almonds on the floor. i need to clean.


  1. That looks delicious & I adore your outfit!

  2. Awesome! I love the idea of doing monochromatic outfits for the whole week! Are you going to cook something every day that matches your outfit too (Cause you should- though some colors would be really hard - like aqua!)

  3. Most PERFECT outfit. Not many can pull off monochrome yellow, but you make it look so easy (and so good!)!

  4. Those shoes are AMAZING. I woke up today with a green curry craving and am about to make it happen. Your curry looks delicious!!

  5. have fun with this week's monochromatic challenge! amazing shoes, and i love your haircut

  6. thanks everyone!! christine, i think i need to try to cook or bake something every day, just to make it a challenge. i've been planning a blue/purple, a red/pink, and a green (for st patty's day) - green and red are easy enough, but blue is tough. i might have to cheat and make macarons. . .

  7. love the colours in your new header. and i love the abundance of light streaming into your kitchen.

  8. How wonderful! I love these colours - and I love that you are matching your cooking. I think I end up eating mushrooms too often (and really don't look good in grey) to do that!!

  9. i love the new header and I also made this shrimp yellow curry yesterday i thought you might like:


    it's really really good

  10. @rebecca - thanks! i will have to try that next time i have a hankering for some curry.