Tuesday, March 1, 2011

charlotte taylor

forgive me! i have so much to talk about, and just have to find the time to do it; between wedding planning (details and photos to come,) a huge macaron order, and starting a new job (yes, it has been way too long since i updated!) i really haven't had the time to so much as take any outfit photos. but while browsing a blog this morning, i stumbled upon this collection by british designer charlotte taylor and had to share.

as someone who's only recently begun to dare wearing any patterns at all, her bold, animal-themed prints are right up my alley - very graphic, very colorful, and very easy to mix. feast your eyes on these beauties:

none is available yet, but i've been informed by the good people of young british designers that they'll be stocking the entire collection starting sometime in april.

more soon (i swear,)

xo audrey


  1. Oh these designs are stunning! I'm a big fan of novelty animal prints, and the color, design and materials of these pieces look quite amazing :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. These are gorgeous and oddly not *too* over the top (which is a feat when you're talking about ant or lobster prints). I like these better than the Deyrolle for Opening Ceremony prints!