Friday, March 4, 2011

a bone to pick with winter

so at this point in the winter, about 5 months in, i have basically begun wearing summer clothes layered over long johns and tights. i am so, so ready for good weather to come. we've had a couple of teaser days - a couple weeks ago it was 70 DEGREES, and i spent the entire day walking outside in shorts and sandals. but this week has been pretty brutal - pouring rain on monday, and bitter cold these last few. tomorrow is going to be 54, which sounds downright tropical at this point, and i think i'm going to drag sam on a donut-eating bicycle ride around brooklyn. we'll just have to think warm thoughts.

the place i work now produces tv commercials, and yesterday they shot a few things in the office - one of those things being me applying lipstick. apparently my outfit was too "urban" for them, so they asked that i wear something a bit more "midwestern business woman," at least from the shoulders up. this was the best i could do.

shirt: thrifted
shorts: vintage, courtesy of market publique
tights: street vendor
necklace: a gift from my sweetheart
shoes: madewell
belt: thrifted

last weekend sam and i became movie moguls at bam - what this means is that we can now see any movie showing there for free, any time we want, without worrying about buying tickets in advance. which means that despite the fact that tonight's showing of repulsion, with an introduction by miss catherine deneuve herself, is sold out, we'll be in attendance.

other than that, and eating lots of donuts, i'll be trying to finish up our wedding invites and starting to work on a big, exciting pastry project, details of which will follow shortly.

what's everyone else up to this weekend?

wishing you warm weather and tasty brunches,

xo audrey


  1. I cry with jealousy when I read most fashion blogs because most of them wear all sorts of things that just won't work when you live in Vermont. You think you're sick of winter? There's still 3 feet of snow out there, and snowbanks over 5 feet tall that make it impossible to drive, but more importantly, impossible to wear anything but flat waterproof boots. I love winter (you have to if you live in Vermont) but I long for the days when I can wear heels and open toe shoes with careless abandon. Sigh!

  2. So glad you're back to lots of outfit pics! loving the style

  3. I love the colorblocked red and grey! I live in Minneapolis, and there is no shortage of midwestern business women here!

  4. jess -

    i hear you. i remember when i lived in chicago and you really just couldn't possibly wear anything even resembling cute for months. i guess my solution was always to bring cute shoes in my bag and just pile on layers - and once inside, strip down to a cute, more summery outfit.

    regardless - i sympathize. this winter has seemed so long here in new york, but the snow melted long ago and i can't imagine how endless it has to feel there!

    thanks rebecca, and christine i FINALLY emailed you yesterday! xo