Wednesday, March 30, 2011

l is for the way you look at me

good afternoon! i spent the first hour or so at the office repairing a co-worker's cashmere sweater, which had sprung quite the hole. he brought me a cute little sewing kit and looked at me with puppy dog eyes and asked if i could fix it, so i happily obliged. it's funny - i'm the only girl in an office full of 20-something boys, and probably the youngest one here, but i order the groceries and make the coffee and tidy up, and sitting at my desk darning his sweater this morning, i think i felt more like a mom than ever in my life.

but i'm here now! i started a tumblr yesterday (follow me and i'll follow you!) which somehow started me on a quest to find a girl whose wardrobe remix i became obsessed with on flickr a few years ago - i couldn't remember her name, and spent an embarassing amount of time googling things like "swedish vetrinary student" and "cute swedish fashion flickr" to find her, before finally going back to the earliest days of this very blog to find i'd posted about her right at the beginning: piksi. she's no longer active on flickr, which is a shame, but you can still find lots of her cute outfits if you google her, and my outfit for today was inspired by her. i wasn't thrilled with this photo (taken immediately post hair-fluff), but decided to use it, alongside this quote from another swedish beauty, elin: "This is what I look like today, but happy of course. It’s just that my smile never looks very natural when I take the pictures myself."


top: dress from dalaga
skirt: thrifted, vintage united colors of bennetton
tights: c/o stylefind
shoes: vintage, thrifted
brooch: my grandma's old clip on earring
belt: thrifted
purse: thrifted

after spending most of my last week planning and cooking elaborate meals, my return to brooklyn has been a sad snap back to reality. when i worked at the bakery, i was always home by 4:30 pm, and being around food all day i'd spend much of my morning mentally preparing that evening's dinner as i whisked egg whites or sifted flour. now that i have a normal-person job again, my wardrobe is rejoicing, but my whisking arms ache to be used. it's just an adjustment, i guess; i get home much later now, more like 7 or 7:30, so i need to change my cooking style to be a little less, well, involved. no more do i really have time to make pasta from scratch for dinner that evening, or marinate pork belly for that supper's ramen. planning ahead is key, or just keeping it simple. on top of that, though, i've come home for the last few nights to a mess of envelopes, ribbons and cards on the table - my wedding invitations, not yet completed, have occupied my hands for the last two evenings instead of a wooden spoon or chef's knife. i'm hoping tonight i'll be able to lick my last stamp and copy my last address and be done with them, and back to fixing my man his dinner, but eating takeout the last two nights has been rough. okay, i'll stop complaining.

tonight i'm hoping after popping all the invites in the mail, sam and i will celebrate by seeing a movie. i'm thinking 8 women.

happy hump day!

xo audrey


  1. i love your outfit! it's so cute :)

  2. I Love this outfit! I am now following your tumblr blog.

  3. Hi, first time commenter... why aren't you at the bakery anymore? Your food always looks so yummy.

  4. hi eva! i ask myself the same thing sometimes, ha. honestly it's mostly a money thing. . . i really want to open a bakery of my own some day and sadly the food industry just doesn't pay enough for me to put any away, so i'm putting in my time in the real world so i can save some pennies.

  5. Audrey, thanks for answering! I wish you good luck and yes you gotta do what u gotta do to make your dreams come true!

  6. life's just like that, eh. i've been more involved in cooking my own meals these past days so i understand exactly what you mean. i had the ambition of trying out meat-filled biscuits or pasta pockets but it's near impossible when you reach home at 8pm. but lotsa good came out of simple cooking/eating. my system's definitely cleaner, lol.