Tuesday, March 31, 2009


well, i was late waking up this morning, and didn't have time to take a photo; but this post's title is apt not only because i hid in the broom closet to take this, but because at last i found my beautiful slippers! well, by found i mean they arrived in the mail, and by slippers i mean miraculous, wear-em-three-ways pumps by devotte, but still. i think the metaphor stands.

actually, the fairy tale doesn't end there! a week or so ago i aired some grievances i had with SOTTO boutique, near portland, OR, where i'd ordered the shoes from. i'm here to tell you that they not only sent me the shoes, but have found a customer in life for me: a girl who works there got in touch with me after 3 weeks of me trying to contact them, apologized profusely, and told me to pick something else off the website that they'd send along, free of charge, as an apology gift. i chose the blouse i'm wearing today, and i have to say, it is absolutely gorgeous. pure silk, scalloped ruffles, a matching bow belt.

shirt: church and state, from SOTTO boutique
skirt: american apparel
belt: anthropologie
tights: HUE
saddle shoes: vintage, from etsy
necklace: ebay

i also want to say, in sotto's defense, that there site crashed as they were moving offices, which would cause anyone to fall behind, and they certainly more than rectified the situation. the girls who buy for them have impeccable taste and great sales on beautiful things. check them out.

i have so many new things to post this week. stay tuned.

xo audrey


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