Friday, May 15, 2009

dancing with myself

i had the idea for this shirt on a cold and lonely day this winter. i'd bought these beautiful mint-colored leather gloves, then somehow lost one on the way home from the bar one night. (gee, i wonder how that happened.) i held onto the orphaned glove, hoping i'd think of something to do with it because i couldn't bear to throw it away. i'm not sure what gave me the idea to sew it onto the shirt like this - i think i was remembering how good it feels to have someone to lean against, with their hands resting on your hips, and i decided to make a shirt that looked like i was being snuggled. i carefully cut the glove in half and handstitched it onto this shirt. voila!

a friend of mine from high school rolled into town late last night and came over to crash on my couch, and we ended up going through 2 bottles of andré and a couple brooklyn lagers apiece, chatting until 3 am. so i woke up rather late this morning and decided, hell, it's friday, i've been wearing skirts all week, and today i'm going to take it easy on myself.

shirt: american apparel, DIY'd
shorts: american apparel
necklace: ebay
shoes: jeffrey campbell

currently listening to the royal tenenbaums soundtrack. a recommend for today. man, bob dylan's wigwam is such a tough song because of the way the instruments swell up and you want to sing along so badly but there are no words except "ba da da dee dum." it's a daily struggle, folks.

AND! a huge, flattered thank-you to the sweet and lovely aDeLiNe, who bestowed an award upon me on her blog. i am pretty green when it comes to this stuff, truly, and it made my day. and to all the kind comments that have been coming in all week: i don't even have the words. you make me smile. you make me blush. so many thanks.

have a wonderful weekend, everyone! i'm off to central illinois (via chicago, just like the wilco song) tomorrow morning, so tonight is going to be a quiet one of packing and sleep.

xo audrey


  1. Really interesting T-shirt idea, I like it!

  2. You're welcome.
    I just love and admire your way of using colours, you''re brilliant. Truly.

  3. absolutely adorable! i'm adding it to my honey-do list. :)

  4. that shirt reminds me of a comme de garcons shirt...

  5. I just adore this outfit - great colours & the shoes are too cute!
    Great blog :)

  6. I love the whole concept of the vneck, intriguing. Do you mind if i post your image on my blog's AA collections?

  7. AA junkee, be my guest! thank you so much for reading! xo