Tuesday, May 26, 2009

first sunburn of the year

hello!! it's been awhile! i had hoped to keep up with the ol' blog while i was in california, but i left my camera in my coat pocket so i took the weekend off. but i'm back, well rested, and in high spirits after a great weekend with my family. my sister's wedding was beautiful; the night was perfect, and she was absolutely radiant.

because she is my kind of crazy, she did all the baking for the wedding herself; made her own three-layer cake (dark chocolate orange, vanilla bean, and white chocolate layers,) cannolli, toffee-topped brownies, and tons more all made by the bride herself, from scratch. my sole contribution was frushi, which i was elbow-deep in up until about 30 minutes before the wedding.

fruit sushi! coconut and strawberry rice with a variety of fruits atop.

i got back to new york late sunday night and went straight to my friends' engagement party in astoria. i stayed up, drinking beer and laughing with the grooms-to-be, until about 2 am, then slept on their couch. yesterday we woke up, got bagels, and spent the afternoon in their backyard, playing phase ten and drinking beer. i got my freckle on and a bit of a sunburn, which will hopefully fade in the coming days to a nice mellow tan.

anyhow, perhaps subconsciously in honor of my skin tone, i wear a monotone pink outfit today:

dress: dalaga
belt: thrifted
necklace: ebay
shoes: devotte
socks: american apparel

i should have lots more this week - my package from weardrobe came (!!!) and lots of lovely things inside for me to try. until then,

xo audrey


  1. this has to be the sweetest dress ever!

  2. love this outfit! and i love the frushi! so clever :)
    i love your blog! i found you through weardrobe:)

    check out my blog if you'd like! i just started it, so there is not much up :)