Thursday, May 14, 2009

dead leaves on the dirty ground

yesterday we started plated desserts in school, and i think i am going to LOVE it. we were broken off into teams and each team is designed a multi-facted dessert; our first assignment is an almond-infused creme caramel with cigarette rolled tuilles and a strawberry orange salad. everything is made from scratch. we start plating them on friday; the main point of this unit is to learn how to make everything look pretty on a plate. needless to say, this blog will soon be flooded with pictures of beautiful food. (again.)

as much as i try to put myself together nicely during the day, my school uniforms are a disaster. it is becoming a problem. i love getting dressed up but i am a total slob by nature, and this is becoming a problem that manifests itself all over my chef's coat every day. we get graded, in part, on a clean uniform, and i just can't seem to find the time to get my laundry done between work, school, and play. i'm going back to chicago this weekend (i have a good reason though! my little sister is graduating from college, with honors! hi esther!) and i think i'm going to have to schlep my uniforms with me and throw them in the wash before i go out and about. sad.

shirt: anthropologie
skirt: anthropologie
belt: anthropologie
shoes: georgina goodman
necklace: ebay, embellished with a shoe clip

ha, i guess it's easy to make a cute outfit from a bunch of shit from anthropologie - but in my defense, this skirt was on sale for $20 and about 4 sizes to big and i sewed it to fit. so, you know, that's something.

today i am determined to plow through some work. been very distracted the last few days. happy thursday, everyone, the weekend is almost upon us!

xo audrey


  1. i could never sew a skirt and make it look that good.

  2. With a skirt that fab I'd have done the same! And taken up sewing just for it XD

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  5. uh, a quick note - i am not sure whose comment was deleted, but i didn't do it! at least not intentionally! apologies to someone!

  6. i love the petals on the skirt, its very cute :)

  7. That skirt is gorgeous and I really love your hair x Sushi