Wednesday, May 13, 2009

my wandering days are over

back in my college days, i used to be kind of a hippie. i, at one point, had stringy green hair woven with hemp and about a dozen necklaces around my neck at all times, and a jean skirt that i had made myself that was too long for me and thus collected dust, leaves, and other chicago grossness everywhere it went. i rarely washed it. i rarely REMOVED it. and while i look back on this time of my life with a slight cringe, i enjoyed it. i am, however, glad to have moved past it. so this skirt worries me a little, because i'm not sure why i like it so much. it doesn't fit with anything else i wear. but i. LOVE. it.

a few of years ago my mom gave me a couple of long, straight vintage skirts (she would probably smack me for calling them vintage, since they aren't vintage to her but rather her college clothes) and i held on to them for a couple of years and then tossed them, having never worn them. a word to the wise: if your mom gives you her old clothes, just keep them. odds are if you wait long enough, you'll want them. i've been looking for a long, straight skirt for awhile - i love how it plays with the proportions of a person's body, i feel like it makes me look tiny and i have always wished i was shorter - and i was scouring etsy and coming up short. everyone is selling these full, gypsy-like skirts, and it's all i could find in the stores, too. but i found this vintage lord and taylor skirt on advintagous's etsy and decided to go for it. after dressing in too-small thrift store t-shirts and lacy and patterned tank tops in my hippie years, i went to the other extreme and have spent the last few in mostly solid colors, very few patterns, maybe a stripe or two if i'm feeling nutty. this is my attempt to break away from that.

skirt: etsy, vintage lord and taylor
shirt: a slip i bought on the street from some woman (yes, i washed it first)
shoes: etsy
necklace: ebay
belt: vintage - er, was my mom's

yes, my eyes are closed in this picture. i took my regular 6 this morning and my eyes were closed in every single one. that's what i get for traipsing all the way down to carroll gardens last night and oversleeping my alarm clock this morning.

happy hump day, everyone! until we meet again. . .

xo audrey


  1. i love this skirt! the pattern would never work on me but the shape is divine. and your eyes don't look closed :)

  2. I was a very short person until I turned 15 and then all of a sudden was NOT short. At all. Years later, my mom told me she regularly prayed to The Lord to grant me the gift of high height so that I would never have weight problems. She prayed, specifically, for me to be 5 foot 7, which is how tall I am. But it does sort of get in the way of wearing heels.

    All this to say, I think your legs are GORGEOUS and long and you seem like just the right Audrey-height, like someone prayed it onto you during your formative years.

  3. i remember your hippie hair.

  4. elyse - you are always so sweet. thank you!!

    katie - hahaha. oh man, seriously, sometimes i wonder if we were seperated at birth. with the exception of my little sister, everyone in my family is inches taller than i am - whenever i come home, my mom sighs, shakes her head, and says, "i tried for you, audrey, really i did. if you were a couple inches taller you wouldn't have to worry about your gut." GUT, katie. like anyone, i have plenty of things to be self-conscious about. my "gut" isn't one of them. but you flattered me into red ears with this comment. thank you, my dear. how are you?

    and sam - the fact that you knew me then and love me now is maybe the most romantic thing, ever.

  5. all you tall girls! i'm 5'4" and while i might have no problem wearing heels, it makes buying jeans, dresses, pants, ANYTHING, a huge pain in the rear. rock your tall heels while 5'7", please!! :)

  6. so cute! found you via lookbook :)

  7. You look amazing!

  8. i love your skirt, it is so cute. i dont think anybody else could pull it off but you.

  9. your style is absolutely adorable. love your use of colors!