Monday, May 11, 2009


good morning! i am sun-kissed and well rested after a near-perfect weekend in new york. friday night after class i went out with a couple of friends from class and spramps, had a few beers in a beer garden in park slope, and somehow found myself being twirled in a dive bar while drinking pbr at 2 am. saturday i took myself to breakfast and then went on a nice long walk, found the big floppy hat i've been dreaming of for a fraction of the price i've seen, and finally made it into a boutique in greenpoint i hadn't been able to catch open, old hollywood.

if you live in brooklyn, or are visiting, check it out; the owner is really cool and now that she is renting the apartment right above the shop, it should be open more often.

and it's conveniently located right near the black rabbit, a great bar with a backyard and board games galore. i took myself there after my long walk (and purchasing a gorrrrgeous lace blouse from old hollywood) and had a couple of ciders while reading alone on the patio. eventually made friends with four strangers and played apples to apples for hours and hours, wound up at a 3 story house party somewhere in brooklyn and danced to honky tonk music whilst wearing the outfit below, plus my kentucky derby hat. it ended up being oddly appropriate.

shirt: thrifted
pants: OTTE online (CHECK THIS. these pants were $30 down from $330. yes.)
shoes: devotte
belt: thrifted

yesterday my world-wandering roommate finally came home, so after brunching with a good friend i hadn't seen with awhile he and i took a long walk through williamsburg, pausing for bloody marys on a patio and ending up at bonita for the best fish tacos and mexican corn around. today i have a big test on chocolate, so i'm going to go stick my nose in my notes for awhile.

xo audrey

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  1. i love meeting cool strangers..
    and your outfit is adorable.
    love the pants& the price!