Thursday, May 7, 2009


as i walked home from class last night (which was not awful! we are doing a big project that is self-directed, and i think mine is going to turn out really nice) it was sprinkling a bit and i thought, this is nice, and then it started to POUR. i waited it out for a few minutes under the BQE overpass but finally gave up and walked slowly through the downpour as my tights soaked water up to my knees and my heels got squishy. my coat was still wet when i put it on this morning. and my hair - well, it got soaked, and i fell asleep watching the colbert report, so it is doing it's wild, curly thing today. a new issue: i have a new roommate and she seems to manage to be in the shower every time i want to be. my hair is really suffering.

anyway. bought this dress waaaay back when i started school in chicago. i found it at a thrift store up on belmont and took it home and immediately hacked it up. (this was before i had any sort of understanding of a sewing maching.) i wanted to shorten it but was too impatient to measure, so i ended up with this asymmetrical hem; i was going through a major halter-top phase (i know, i know) so i cut the straps and tied them behind the neck. and you know? it isn't the most practical dress, but i kind of love it.

dress: thrifted.
shoes: some crappy store in union square
necklace: ebay

all right. coffee time! i have lots to do today, and a class to make up tonight, and then i am allll made up and ready for friday.

happy thursday! xo audrey


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