Wednesday, May 20, 2009

thunder, lightning, strike

bonjoooourno! i think i got more sleep last night than i have in weeks, a whopping 8 hours! huzzah! i still didn't wake up until 8:22 this morning, so apparently lack of sleep isn't my problem. how do people wake up in the morning? is there some trick to it? i set an alarm, i turn on the radio, i turn on the lights. . . and then i sit there with all three blaring until it's way too late.

my night was pretty quiet and pleasant; i stopped into j crew to exchange my mom's birthday present, then headed back to brooklyn and bought a new yorker and some korean food for dinner. i took my time, walked home, took a bath, and hit the sack. it was divine.

and now, again, i must mention that i have a ton of work to do. ever building. i am supposed to have class tonight, but i may not be able to make it; my flight to california is at 9 am tomorrow and i have a lot, a LOT, to do before then. we'll see how today goes. but i should probably stop wasting time here and get to it.

shirt: american apparel
skirt: american apparel
belt: american apparel
tights: NOT american apparel.
shoes: some no-name store in union square

i love these tights but they are so neon, and the jagged black makes it hard to match with anything. if i wore a bunch of loud, crazy patterns i think i could just toss these on with that; but i don't, and i have a compulsive need for colors to match, so as much as i love them, they don't get a lot of wear. i was determined to put 'em on before it gets too warm to do so, though.

have a good wednesday, everyone! i was lucky enough to be chosen to pick some items from the weardrobe closet that hopefully arrive today so i can take them with me and find a closet to sneak into at my parents house to take some photos. have a lovely long weekend if i don't talk to you for a bit, thank you so much for reading!

xo audrey


  1. I just love your style & your pics - they are fabulous :)