Monday, May 18, 2009


good morning, er, afternoon! another straight-from-the-airport monday at work. gotta keep it short today because i walked in to a pile of papers, and i'm out of town AGAIN this thursday through sunday (my sister is getting married!) so i have to buckle down and accomplish things before then. like finding interns. breaking down invoices. cleaning my desk, which will probably take a day on its own. . .

airplane-slept hair, airplane-wrinkled corduroy.

dress: anthropologie
belt: part of a blouse from church & state
shoes: jeffrey campbell. i can't stop wearing them.

net-a-porter is having one of its rare and amazing sales. of course, stuff that starts off in the four figures is generally too expensive even when heavily reduced; and of course, i couldn't find my debit card to save my life this morning, so it looks like i'll be unable to take part in this sale. but there are some incredible things, including these marni heels i am in love with marked down 40%.

tonight: class, and more plated desserts. i leave you with this: an almond-infused creme caramel with strawberry-orange salad and a tuille i plated on friday. we're on to puff pastry tonight.

until tomorrow,

xo audrey


  1. ooh - i love your belt. and that all of your photos are in some sort of a utility closet.

  2. I love the heels and really wanted to get a pair but I was concerned about the suede heel. Have you had any problems with them getting very dirty/roughed up?

  3. hey digi, so far they have proven surprisingly durable. when I saw your comment I inspected them and discovered a little piece of filth had attached itself to one heel, but it peeled right off. I walk alot and they are pretty comfortable, too. I am a pretty clumsy person, so if I can traipse around Brooklyn and keep 'em intact, I bet you can, too.