Wednesday, May 6, 2009

chenin blanc

good morning! my makeup class got rescheduled at the last minute yesterday, so i ended up wandering down to the west village to meet a friend for a drink and a chat. we walked up to a place right near my office called petit abeille that has half-priced wine bottles on tuesday, got a bottle of chenin blanc and some cheese croquettes, and caught up for an hour or so. i am trying to pay more attention to the wines i like lately, and chenin blanc is definitely a new favorite. crisp, barely sweet, it's a perfect wine for warm weather. i walked home in the drizzle, stopping at a chinese place near my apartment for some crab rangoon and pork fried rice, crawled into bed and ate on a breakfast tray. i fell asleep sometime around 11 pm with my book open and fried rice half-eaten, only to reawake at 2 am because, whoda thought, white wine + cheese croquettes + cheap chinese food is not so easy on the stomach. anyway.

shirt: american apparel
skirt: j crew
tights: HUE
shoes: part of a swap, from linsey
necklace: from mom

i love this skirt but it has an awkward stiffness that is tricky to pair. i feel like no shirt i wear it with is ever quite right. i have to sneak back into j crew today to try to find something for my mom's birthday (which happens to be the day before mother's day,) so maybe i'll find something there.

in class tonight we start chocolate sculptures. i have to sketch out what mine will look like and bring it in this afternoon.

hope everyone has a lovely wednesday,

xo audrey


  1. I don't think I've ever liked purple and teal together before, but somehow this just looks right! Love the skirt, it's too bad it's stiff though!

  2. i concur
    you pull off the most amazing color combo's that i would never think of...
    ps. this blog has become one of my daily reads:)