Friday, May 29, 2009

my rocky spine

friiiidaaaaay. how i've missed you. how i've longed for you. i am so, so glad you are here. i have class tonight and then i am going home and getting my laundry together and going to BED. i need to start gathering up my clothing and taking a toll of what should stay and what should go; i'm meeting with the girl from old hollywood in a couple of weeks about unloading some stuff, and i need to get my dry clean on.

of course, having a room overflowing with clothing does not keep me from obtaining more (no matter how many times i swear to myself i will NOT buy anything this week, i somehow end up browsing online and finding something i just can't live without. . .) and this shirt is a new favorite. it's from quail, the makers of one of the other pieces of clothing i eyed and craved and obsessed over until i finally found it on sale and pounced. i had seen this shirt on their website ages ago and continued to keep an internet eye on it, until i spied it on sale from buydefinition and snatched it up, along with a skirt i'd also drooled over for quite some time. (if you shop there, enter the code "grechen" at checkout; it'll get you 20% off everything, even stuff already on sale. this is how i justify these things.)

shirt: quail
jeans: cheap monday
necklace: girl selling her shit on the street
shoes: steve madden

as my hair gets longer, i may allow it to do this curly thing it so wants to do. it's risky when it's this short, but happy hair grows faster, so i'll indulge it.

this weekend: two brunches, a picnic, a drink or two or thirteen, wine and cheese, and sleep, glorious sleep.

have a good weekend, everyone!

xo audrey


  1. love quail! My most favorite black skirt is by them - and i've had it for two years already!

  2. oh god, i did something bad - i bought that shirt in black!

    I told the store I found it via your blog though... so at least that part is good!

  3. I just stumbled upon this post again and wowie, that outfit is both glamorous and alluring yet also adorable! You've got quite the talent.