Friday, May 1, 2009

birthday cakes

tonight is vanessa's birthday, and i'm going to make dinner for her and a small army at her apartment. i can't wait. my lovely friend linsey turned me on to tastespotting, a website full of beautiful photos of food and amazing recipes to match, and i'm scouring it to find something pretty but not too complicated or time consuming for tonight. after the partying's through, i have to rush home, pack for chicago, try to grab a couple hours of sleep, and hop on a jet plane.

spent an hour or so at the new museum with vanessa last night. they currently have an exhibition up called "younger than jesus," 50 artists from 25 countries, all under the age of 33. a wide spectrum of exhibits from a woman sleeping in an all-white bed in the middle of a room, to photos of survivors of hurricane katrina, to a big led that said "OMG" in blue lights with candles surrounding it. interesting stuff. worth a stop-by, especially thursday nights, when it's free!

dress: AKA, bought from gilt
socks: american apparel
shoes: forever 21
necklace: ebay
belt: salvation army

a quick thank you for the kindness of everyone who reads and comments on this blog. i am blown away by how sweet strangers can be, you guys make my day!

aaaand i'm off. lots to do before tonight and the weekend. have a good one, everyone! happy may day!


  1. love the ruffles?...
    on that dress.very cute!

  2. hello! i'm from singapore & i've been reading your blog only recently & i think your dresses/ cakes/ all other assorted things are adorable (: have a great trip to chicago!

  3. Love the dress and the way you wear those blue socks.

  4. I am mad about scale ruffled dresses...I'd like to DIY one like yours, but it wouldn't hurt me to buy one either...I guess what I'm saying is: where did you buy that mind blowin dress I want it badly!