Friday, May 8, 2009


getting a bit of a late start because i got to step out of the office for once! i came in to work and had to run up to the MTV building in times square. i took a cab through heavy traffic up and decided to walk back with my iced coffee, the thirty or so blocks to my office. the weather is partly sunny and about 70 and absolutely perfect walking weather.

and last night's make up class was exactly what culinary school should be like, all the time. the class i was with was working on truffles, and they all got to choose their own flavors and make bon bons; at the end we had a big tasting, with strawberries to clean the palatte between every chocolate. it was absolutely heavenly. it almost made me excited to get back to chocolate myself tonight.

jumper: h&m
shoes: forever 21
belt: thrifted

i saw this in the window at h&m a couple months ago and had. to. have. it. of course they only had it in a size 8, which i swam in - it's baggy to begin with so it really has to be the right size or you just look [even more] ridiculous. so i made them take my name and number when they took it off the mannequin. it's still a bit baggier than i'd like, but when you roll it up and belt it, you can tell there's a person in there.

tonight: finish chocolate sculpture. spramp around the town. SLEEP IN. like whoa.

have a good weekend, everyone!

xo audrey


  1. I stumbled across your blog and I'm envious of your adorable style! I'm also intrigued with gilt. I think you're right -- it seems dangerous, addictive, and something I'd love to try! How do I??

  2. i can send you an invitation if you shoot me your email address - you can leave it here if you feel comfortable, or just send me an email at hurry! there are beautiful things on there today!

  3. God I love this outfit. Zebra & Pink = great combination.

  4. Hi, can you invite me to GILT too? please?...I'll send you an emai...yey!

  5. this jumper is sooooo cool !

  6. I am so jealous! I want that jumpsuit sooooo much! oh well...I really love your photos and your blog! very pretty! x